Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 1-13 Comprehension Questions Flashcard Example #31146

Where did the $6000 Huck and Tom possess come from (chapter 1)?
– found money robbers hid in cave
Who are Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas?
– Widow Douglas took Huck for her son and allowed her to “sivilize” him
– Miss Watson was old maid sister of Widow Douglas who tried to teach Huck to read
At the end of chapter 1, why does Huck sneak out of the house?
– snuck out to meet with Tom Sawyer, who was waiting outside Widow’s house
Who does Huck find in his room at the end of chapter 4?
– Pap
Why does Huck begin living with his father again in chapter 6?
– Pap kidnaps him
Describe the events surrounding Huck’s departure from his Pap’s cabin.
– Pap tried to kill Huck
– Huck decides needs to leave
– tries to escape locked cabin by sawing out bottom log
– paddled drift canoe to shore, hides it in woods, and put supplies in canoe
– faked own death by drowning with pig
Who does Huck meet on Jackson Island?
– Jim, escaped slave of Widow Douglas
What shocking discovery do Huck and this person find in the floating house?
– dead man floating on face (who Huck knows is really woman in man’s clothing because dead men float on back)
Why does Huck dress up like a girl to visit town?
– so doesn’t get recognized by people in town
Describe what Huck and Jim find on the grounded steamboat.
– two robbers discussing how to kill third one, so won’t “tell”

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