Animal Farm Allegorical Connections Flashcard Example #49966

Manor Farm
Old Major
Karl Marx -Founder of Communist philosophy. Also symbolizes Vladimir Lenin at parts within the story.
The patriarch, or leader, of the church / Religion
Farmer Jones
Czar Nicholas II
Joseph Stalin
The Sheep
The “blind masses”
The Pravada–The Russian Propaganda Newspaper
Winston Churchill—Leader of the British
Leon Trotsky
“Beasts of England”
The Internationale–The Communist Anthem
Adolf Hitler—Leader of Nazi Germany
The Proletariat—Hardworking laborers loyal to the revolution
The Pigeons
Communist Internationale— international organization of Communist parties who spread the movement
The Bourgeoisie—wealthy aristocrats and nobles
The farm owned by Frederick which represents Germany
The Battle of the Cowshed
The October Revolution—Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution
Thinks that “things will never change”; represents human cynicism and those who were skeptical of the Russian Revolution
Mr. Whymper
Foreigners/Westerners sympathetic to the revolution or who sought to profit from the upheaval
Selling the wood to Frederick
The Nazi-Soviet pact
The Farmhouse
The Czar’s Palace
The farm owned by Pilkington which represents Great Britain
The Battle of the Windmill
The WWII Battle of Stalingrad during which Germany invaded Russia
The Dogs
The Cheka/KGB/or Secret Police
The executions of the “traitorous animals” represent
Stalin’s show trials—the Purges of 1936-38 to silence opposition
Building the Windmill
Stalin’s 5-Year Plan to industrialize Russia
Old Major’s Skull displayed outside the barn
Lenin’s embalmed body placed on display in Red Square
The green tablecloth showing the “Hoof and Horn”
Soviet flag with hammer and sickle
The meeting between the pigs and humans
Tehran Conference of 1943 between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin making concessions to the Soviet Union

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