Animal Farm CH 2 Flashcard Example #93513

What time of year did Old Major die?
Early March
Who was the cleverest of the animals?
the pigs
What two pigs were emerging as leaders?
Napoleon and Snowball
Describe Napoleon
large, fierce-looking boar, quiet, and got his own way
Describe Snowball
vivacious, quick in speech, inventive, not a lot of depth
What name did they give to Old Major’s teaching?
What mysterious place did Moses talk of?
Sugarcandy Mountain
What was Mr. Jones’ favorite “watering hole”?
Red Lion
What animal committed the first rebellious act? What did they do?
One of the cows broke in the door of the store shed.
What did the pigs teach themselves to do?
Read and write
What was the name of the farm?
Animal farm
List the 7 commandments.
1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.
What is animalism and who are the leaders?
It’s a system of thought in which animals are better then humans and all animals are equal. It is led by Snowball and Napoleon.
How has Mr. Jones been acting lately?
He has been acting disheartened and has been drinking a lot.
Describe the events surrounding the rebellion.
Snowball and Napoleon held meetings to discuss rebellion. Cows rebelled. Mr. Jones and his men began to whip the animals. The animals attacked Mr. Jones and his men. The animals chased the men out of the farm.
After the animals overtook the farm, what did they do first?
They circled the farm to make sure no humans were left.
What were Mollie’s actions after Mr. Jones left? Why did the others disapprove of her actions?
She took a ribbon from Mrs. Jones bedroom and wore it in her mane. Th animals disapproved because wearing clothes or ribbons was forbidden by the rules of the 7 commandments.
Why did the animals feel like they needed the “Seven Commandments”?
To form a law for the animals on the farm and to stay united against the common enemy.
Manor Farm represents…
Mr. Jones represents…
Czar Nicholas II
Old Major represents…
Vladimir Lenin
Old Major’s speeches represent…
The animals on the farm represent…
the working class
Boxer and clover represent…
the uneducated working class
The pigs represent…
Squealer represents…
Moses represents…
The beer Mr. Jones feeds Moses represents…
the mixing of man and religion
Mollie represents…
Bourgeois upper class
Power on Animal farm shifts to…?
Napoleon and Snowball (pigs)
The rule shifts from Socialism to Communism because…
the pigs begin to come into power
Orwell’s pre-rebellion description of conditions on Manor Farm…
Jones starved the animals and was a bad master
How did the animals change things after the rebellion?
The animals became the leaders of the farm. Animals are supposed to be equal, even though they aren’t.
What happens to Old Major?
he dies in his sleep
Who are Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer?
The 3 pigs who elaborated on Old Major’s teachings and planned the rebellion.
Describe Squealer.
small, fat, shrill-voiced, brilliant talker, and very persuasive
Problems the pigs have to face in organizing the farm animals?
The animals have trouble terminating their old ways.
Immediate cause of the rebellion?
Animals are tired of being starved and beaten by Mr. Jones.
Immediate results of the rebellion?
They wipe out the last traces of Mr. Jones reign.
What does Orwell indicate that not all the animals think alike?
Before the rebellion the animals were loyal to Mr. Jones and Orwell makes it obvious that the pigs are the leaders of the rebellion.
What is Sugarcandy Mountain?
where the animals supposedly go when they die
What is Mr. Jones activity every Saturday night?
Drinking at the Red Lion
Why is Jones unhappy?
He had just lost a lot of money in a lawsuit
superior to all the others
Done with great attention to details; complicated
To explain a point of view in detail
a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest in things
to dance or skip around playfully
A print produced from an inked metal plate

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