Animal farm chapter 2 Flashcard Example #94185

1. How long after the first meeting did Major die?
3 days/nights
2. What two animals seemed to take charge after Major’s death?
Snowball and Napoleon
3. Describe these two animals. Snowball and Napolean
Snowball – vivacious and eloquent speaker, thought-provoking individual
Napoleon – stronger of character; only Berkshire on the farm; quieter with an ability to gather forces in his support; fierce and intent; got his way
4. Describe Squealer’s traits.
Sneaky little porker who whisked about whenever he spoke; persuasive in speech so much so that he convinced others of one thing even though they may have seen the total opposite.
5. What name was given to the system devised for Major’s teachings?
6. Initially, what were some of the arguments against Major’s teachings?
Some animals felt they shouldn’t take part because it wouldn’t affect their lives. If a rebellion would eventually happen, they felt no reason to do it themselves when some other generation would handle that. They wondered how they could manage without Jones, to whom some also showed loyalty.
7. Who asked the stupidest questions of all? What were some of those questions?
Mollie asked about sugar and ribbons.
8. Name the mysterious country that Moses described.
Sugar Candy Mountain
9. How did Moses describe this place?
Everything seemed happy. It was a land above the clouds, where it was Sunday always and animals ate lump sugar and linseed cake grew on hedges.
10. How did Jones lose a great deal of money, and how did Jones change because of it?
He lost money in a lawsuit and suffered mentally, eventually turning into a heavy drinker.
11. Where did Jones go to drink? Red Lion in
12. Why did the rebellion occur sooner than expected?
Jones came home drunk and did not feed the animals. His men went hunting for rabbit and they did not tend to the animals either. The animals, in turn, busted the door to the food storage and began to help themselves. This caused Jones and his men to strike the animals, and they fought back.
13. When did the rebellion occur?
Midsummer’s Day (June 20 or 21)
14. What did the animals do first after Jones was expelled from the farm?
Marched the perimeter of the farm to make certain no humans remained.
15. And how did the animals follow that act?
They returned to the farm buildings to rid themselves of any traces of Mr. Jones. Things made of metal, such as bits, nose rings, chains and knives, were thrown down the well. Other items were burned.
16. In celebration, how many times did they sing Major’s song?
17. How would they preserve the farmhouse? How many agreed to this? Disagreed?
It was a unanimous decision to preserve it as a museum.
18. For how long had the pigs been teaching themselves to read, & from what source did they learn?
For three months, they taught themselves from an old spelling book that had been tossed into the rubbish heap.
19. Who painted the name change of the farm? And the change?
Snowball; Animal Farm
20. What are the seven commandments?
1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.
21. What one word was misspelled? What letter appeared the wrong way?
Friend as Freind; S
22. What stopped them from getting to the harvest immediately?
Cows needed to be squeezed for a healthy helping of frothing milk. There is no udder answer.
23. How many buckets were produced from the cows?
24. What happened to the buckets?

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