Animal farm chapter 3 questions Flashcard Example #35172

What was the result of the harvest after the Rebellion and why?
The best harvest they ever had because they learned to use the human’s tools
What was the pigs part of the harvest?
~The pigs did not actually work
~directed ; supervised others
What was Boxer’s personal motto?
~ “I will work harder!”
~ he works for the common good of everyone
~ is and example of Totalitarianism Communism
What was Mollie’s and cat’s attitude toward work on the farm?
Mollie and cat shirked their duties
What was Benjamin’s attitude after the Rebellion?
Was the only one who had no change under the new leadership
What did Benjamin always say and what does that mean?
~”Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey!”
~ he means he knows more and has seen more
What are the organized committees?
~ Egg production
~ Clean tails league
~ Wild creatures’ re-education
~ Whiter wool committees
What does Maxim and Snowball teach the sheep?
“Four legs good, two legs bad!”
Napoleon and educating the puppies
Napoleon takes the puppies away and educates them in secret
Distinguishing mark of man
Man’s hands do mischief
Who manages and organizes the farm?
~ pigs are the brainworkers
~ pigs try to educate the other animals but they prove unable or unwilling to learn
~ the result is an an imbalance in knowledge
~ pigs have to condense the principles of animalism “four legs good, two legs bad!” (condensed Commandments)
~ pigs take advance of the other animals apathy
What does Squealer do to the pigs and what trick does he play on them?
~ squealer spreads lie-filled propaganda that allows the pig to hide their acts of greed
~ makes himself useful to the pigs by pretending to side with the oppressed animal and falsely aligning the common good with the good of the pigs

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