Animal Farm Chapter 5 Flashcard Example #70304

Why does Mollie run away from the farm?
Mollie likes being admired, admiring herself, wearing pretty ribbons, eating sugar, and being stroked by humans. She does not like the work on the farm or the hardships she faces there.
What changes have been made in the weekly meetings over the last year?
The pigs now decide all questions of farm policy. Snowball and Napoleon still disagree over almost everything. Although Snowball is more skillful at making speeches capable of swaying the animals, the sheep interrupt him more and more with their chants of “Four legs good, two legs bad.”
Explain the windmill controversy from Snowball’s point of view.
Snowball wants the animals to build a windmill so they will have electrical power to make life easier for all of them – light and heat in the stalls and labor-saving devices such as electrical milking machines. The animals would only have to work three days a week when it was finished.
Explain the windmill controversy from Napoleon’s point of view.
He thinks the major problem on the farm is increasing food production. He thinks the whole windmill thing is nonsense, or so he says, and urinates on Snowball’s plans.
What changes does Napoleon make after his dogs chase Snowball off the farm?
There will be no more Sunday Meetings. All decisions about the farm will be made by a committee of pigs presided over by Napoleon. The animals will now meet on Sundays to salute the flag, sing “Beasts of England,” and receive their orders for the week.
Why don’t the other animals protest Napoleon’s decisions?
None of them are really smart enough to bring up any arguments. The sheep begin their bleating, and the dogs growl before anyone can think of a protest. Squealer begins to shed doubts on Snowball’s bravery at the Battle of the Cowshed and again threatens them with the return of Jones if they don’t agree with Napoleon.
What is the importance of the dogs’ accompanying Squealer when he comes to talk to the animals?
Napoleon wants to make sure there is no protest or rebellion against his orders. In addition to Squealer’s natural ability to convince, he has three vicious dogs to back him up. Naturally, no one protests.

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