Animal Farm Chapter 7 Study Guide Questions Flashcard Example #29986

Who do the humans believe is responsible for the destruction of the windmill?
They said it had fallen down because the walls were too thin.
Plans for keeping the second windmill from being destroyed.
They plan to build thicker walls
Hardships for the animals in this chapter.
They fall short of food and are always hungry.
Who never complained
Boxer and clover
What does Napoleon hope to hide about the food shortages
He made use of Mr. Whymper to spread contrary impressions and he had selected animals to spread news that rations had been increased.
What is Mr. Whymper told about the food shortages.
He was shown full bins of food in the shed.
What do the humans do when they hear of the windmill destruction?
They put out lies that the animals were dying of famine and disease and fighting among themselves.
Why are the chickens concerned?
Napoleon selling the eggs so that none will hatch, thus committing murder.
WHat do the chickens learn about the new rules for the eggs and their reaction?
They decide to lay their eggs in the barn rafters and watch them drop and crack.
How does Napoleon deal with the mutiny of the hens?
He ordered the hen’s rations stopped, and decreed that any animal giving so much as a grain of corn to a hen will be punished by death.
Result of the mutiny.
They lasted for five days and then returned to their nesting boxes with nine hens having died
Where was Snowball all this time?
Possibly Pinchfield or Foxwood; it was unknown.
What happened to the lumber form the farm
Napoleon couldn’t decide who to sell to, Frederick or Pilkington.
What was discovered about Snowball
He was visiting the farm at night, performing acts of mischief.
What was Snowball doing
Stealing corn, upsetting milk pails, breaking eggs, trampling seedbeds, gnawing bark off of fruit trees.
What does Squealer say about Snowball
That snowball was really in league with Mr. Jones from the start to retake the farm.
How does Napoleon get the animals to believe the lies about Snowball
His dogs attacked four pigs and made them confess to the connections between Snowball and Mr. Jones.
Who else confesses Snowball is a villain?
The chickens and the pigs
Who was not so sure about the stories Squealer was telling about Snowball
What happened to the hen, sheep, and goose?
They were all slain on the spot
Boxer’s conclusion at the end of the meeting?
To work harder
Clover’s thoughts?
That this was not the what they had aimed at when they set out to overthrow the human race.
What does Napoleon abolish
The “Beasts of England” song

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