Animal Farm Chapter 8 Questions Flashcard Example #72239

What change was made tot he 6th Commandment?
“No Animal shall kill another animal without cause.
What is Squealer saying about the amount of food they have?
Food production has increases by 200%, 300%, 500%
How do we see Cult of Personality in Napoleon
– Surrounded by guard dogs + his bed
– Black cockerel trumpets the animals attention
– Pinkeye tastes his food
– Animals call him “Our leader, comrade napoleon
– Minimus writes a poem
– Only seen every 2 weeks
– Easts and sleeps alone
– Gun fires on his birthday
– Windmill is named Napoleon Mill
– Portrait of Napoleon on the wall
– All good things are credited to Napoleon
How has Napoleons behavior changed in the farmhouse?
– He eats off the crown derby dinner service
– Eats alone attended by 2 dogs
– Sleeps in a separate apartment which is guarded by dogs on all 4 corners
To who was Napoleon going to sell the timber to first? Who does he end up selling it to?
He was going to sell it to Pilkington (England), but ends up selling it to Frederick
Who attacks Animal Farm?
Frederick and his men?
What they do they do when they attack that’s significant?
Frederick’s followers drilled a hole in AF, put gunpowder in it, and then blew it up
What is the name of the battle?
Battle of Windmill
Who is really victorious in the Battle of Windmill
No one, both sides did not really win what they needed and they both lost a lot of men.
What was the Battle of Windmill in history?
Battle Stangrad
Why did Frederick and His men attack Animal Farm?
There was fake money involved.
What do the animals hear the night that the whiskey has been found?
They hear that Napoleon is going to die
What was the strange incident?
loud crash
Who was caught during the strange incident and what was the animal going to do?
Squealer was caught getting ready to change the commandment
What was the 5th Commandment chaged to?
“No Animals shall drink alcohol to excess
What are they going to start growing?

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