Animal Farm Chapter 9 Questions Flashcard Example #46467

What injuries has Boxer received?
A cut hoof and shotgun pellets to the leg.
What now happens every week?
Spontaneous Demonstration, which celebrates the triumphs and hardships of Animal Farm.
What did Napoleon discourage the piglets to do?
To not play with the other animals.
What was to be built for the piglets?
A schoolroom.
What new laws were made to show the pig’s superiority?
All pigs would wear green ribbons on Sundays and that all other animals must stand aside for pigs when crossing pigs.
What was held for the pigs only?
What new lies about Snowball were made?
That he had led the humans in the Battle of the Cowshed and the gunshot wounds were really bite wounds that had been inflicted by Napoleon’s teeth.
Who reappeared in the summer?
Moses the raven.
What was he still preaching?
That dead loyal animals go to Sugarcandy Mountain.
What does Napoleon give to Moses? What can this say about their relationship?
Beer. Napoleon is bribing Moses to spread loyalty amongst the other animals.
What did Animal Farm become? Who was the only candidate? Why was this done?
A republic. Napoleon. This was done to spread the propaganda that Napoleon was willing to give up his leadership if he must.
What happened to Boxer?
He collapsed while working on the windmill.
What did he wish to see finished?
The windmill.
What did Boxer blame for his collapse?
His lung and age.
What was decided to be done about Boxer?
He was to be sent to a veterinary hospital in Willingdon.
What was written on the cart that was taking Boxer away?
Simmonds’ Glue Factory.
What did Squealer say happened to Boxer?
He died at the vet.
How did he explain the sign on the cart?
He said that the vet had recently purchased the cart from the glue factory.
What did the pigs buy? How did they get the money?
The pigs bought whiskey. They got the money from selling Boxer to the glue factory.
What wasn’t there for Boxer’s funeral?
His remains.

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