Animal Farm Chapters 1-2 Quiz Review (Honors) Flashcard Example #34407

What was subject of Old Major’s meeting?
…To discuss his dream of a revelution and his oncoming death
What title do the animals use to address each other?
What is the reason Mr.Jones neglects animals?
…Because he has a big drinking issue.
What is the cause of all the animals’ problems?
…Mr.jones and his men
According to Old Major, what does man do to ruin the farm?
…Killing the animals
In what country is the story set?
What is the title of the animals’ “national anthem”?
…”Beasts of England”
When Moses preaches of animal heaven he calls it?
…SugarCandy Mountain
Animal Farm is a satire; it pokes fun at ?
…Russian Communism
What is the policy created to show animal unity called?
…The Seven Commandments
What is a story with talking animals and a moral called?
Who said: “All men are enemies”?
…Old Major
Who said: “Those ribbons…are the badge of slavery”?
Who says: “Your resolution must never falter”?
…Old Major
Who says: “…shall I be allowed to wear ribbons in my mane?”
What was Old Major’s formal exhibition name?
…Willingdon Beauty
Complete the statement: “All men are ____________. All animals are _______________.”
…enemies, comrades
Which animals had to be “voted in” in Chapter One?
Who is the most realistic, yet cynical, animal on the farm?
What does it mean to be benevolent?
…Kind and generous
What are you like if you are cynical?
…Selfish and dishonest
What is enmity?
…A very deep and unfriendly feeling
What do you do if you abolish something?
… To end something
An aged prize Middle White boar. He is an allegory of Karl Marx and Lenin, the founders of communism, in that he draws up the principles of the revolution.
…Old Major
Foolish, pretty white mare; liked sugar & ribbons. She is an allegory of the Bourgeousie supporters of Czar Nicholas.
Huge, strong horse; not very smart, but of good character. He is an allegory of the working class Proletariat.
Motherly, middle-aged mare. She is an allegory of the Proleteriats who acquiesce to the subversion of principles by the powerful.
Donkey; oldest animal on the farm. He is an allegory of George Orwell.
Who owned Manor Farm?
What kind of world does Old Major dream of?
…In which animals and men are equal
What is significant about how the animals arrange themselves as they gather to hear Major?
…How each animal line up according to status
Which animal habits does Old Major forbid?
…drinking alcohol,smoke, sleep in bed or home and wear clothes
What happened to Old Major at the beginning of Chapter 2?
…He died
Who is Jones’s special pet?
…Moses the Raven
What is the seventh, and most important, Commandment at this point in the story?
…All animals are equal
Why did the Rebellion happen earlier than everyone expected?
…Because Jones forgot to feed the animals for days
What was discovered missing at the end of Chapter 2?
…The milk from one of the cows
What two leaders come forward after the rebellion?
…Snowball and Napoleon
Who do they represent allegorically from the Russian Revolution?
…Stalin and Leon Trotsky
When the humans have been chased from the farm, what do the animals do?
…Make a rubbish fire
List the Seven Commandments.
…1.Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy
2.Whatever goes upon 4 legs or has wings is friend
3.No animal shall wear clothes
4.No animal shall sleep in a bed
5.No animal shall drink alcohol
6.No animal shall kill another animal
7.All animals are equal
What is the significance of Sugarcandy Mountain? Why don’t the pigs like the Moses’ stories about Sugarcandy Mountain?
…The mountain represents Heaven which the animals don’t like because Moses never works
What does it mean to be pre-eminent?
…Well known and distinguished
If you have apathy what do you lack?
At first the animals agree to preserve the farmhouse as what?
…a museum
Animal Farm may be described as a(n) __________________ in that it has a surface and a deeper level of meaning.
What country is Animal Farm an allegory for?
…The Soviet Union
Information designed to influence public opinion.
The device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent something in addition to the literal meaning. In other words, it has a second meaning beneath the surface one.
Where did the animals find the “lost” farmhouse visitor? What was he/she doing?
Mollie is the lost visitor whom was wearing one of Mrs.Jones’ ribbon

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