Animal Farm Essay Flashcard Example #73657

Animal Farm, written by English novelist George Orwell and published on August 17, 1945, is a story that was intended on relating to what was going on at the time that it was written. Animal Farm, originally called Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, is about animals trying to start a rebellion. One day, the farmers forgot to feed the animals. The animals, all at once, broke out of their stalls and went for the food. When the farmers realized what had happened, they forthwith* grabbed their whips and went to put the animals back in the barn. The animals charged the humans, and caused them to run away. The animals had captured the farm. Instantly, Napoleon and Snowball, two pigs, became the leaders. Orwell is in most sympathy with the pigs, mainly Napoleon, and he shows it in many ways.
To begin with, Orwell seems to be in sympathy a lot with the pigs, except Snowball. The reason why he doesn’t seem to like Snowball is because he had Napoleon send a group of mastiffs to chase Snowball off the farm. All of the other pigs Orwell seem to love, and he gives them the best luxuries a pig can have. For example, the pigs get to have all of the apples and milk produced on the farm. Another example would be how he has the pigs as the rulers of the farm. To be even more specific, Orwell is most sympathetic towards one pig, Napoleon. Napoleon controlled the whole farm. He controlled trade with other farms, the food rations the animals would get, what projects the animals would work on, where everyone would sleep and anything else that you can think of. One might say he was the dictator. Before Snowball had been chased off of the farm, he and Napoleon were always arguing and disagreeing with the other, trying to make the other’s ideas seem asinine. Orwell had to get rid of Snowball so that precious Napoleon would be able to rule over all of the animals.
Next, Orwell is very sympathetic towards Mollie. Mollie always got what she wanted from the humans, sugar and pretty bows in her hair. Although she was in the book for a very short period, Orwell made life very enjoyable. Before the rebellion, Jones, the farmer, always loved the beautiful white horse named Mollie. She had to do hardly any work and was given much attention and love. After the rebellion, Mollie quickly escaped and got back to her life living among the humans with her sugar and bows.
In conclusion, Orwell shows a lot of sympathy towards the pigs and Mollie. Therefore, Mollie and the pigs had a very easy life in Orwell’s story, Animal Farm.

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