Animal Farm Flashcard Example #25181

Where does animal farm take place
On a farm
How do the animals feel about major
The animals Respect him
Major describes the current life of the animals as
Who does major say is responsible for the animals condition?
Human beings
What does major mean when he says “no animal escapes the cruel knife”
The farmers will kill the animals
Why did the animals wait for Mr. Jones to go to bed
So he wouldn’t hear the animals
Who or what did mr Jones shoot his gun at. Why?
Outside, he thought it was a fox
Major uses the phrase “produce of our labor” What are some or the examples of produce of the animals labor
Milk from cows, eggs from chickens labor from horses
When will the revolution happen .
Sometime in the future
What solution doe major suggest to solve the animals problems
A revolution
What is the mood of the song the beast of England
Hope victory
What are some of the images in the Beast of England
Manipulating the animals through pain
What are the rules Major gives the animals
Man is the enemy and all animals are equal
What effect did Majors speech have on the animals
They looked at life in a very different way
What animals began teaching the others
The pigs
Why did the cows break into the store shed
They were hungry
What did Mr Jones do
Not feed the animals, but he payed his bills and read the newspaper
What did the animals do to Mr Jones and his men
Kicked them off the farm
What did the animals destroy
Things that reminded them of Mr Jones power
Why does snowball tell Molly she cannot wear ribbons
Ribbons symbolize slavery
What did Squealer do that was so convincing to the animals
Move his tail
Which animal leaves the farm with humans
Moses the raven
What impresses the animals about the Jones’ house
The luxury
What ability to do the pigs reveal that they have
They can read and write
What does the phrase Squealer can “turn black into white”
It means squealer is good at speaking
What did the animals decide to do with the farmhouse
Turn it into a Museum
Why is it difficult for the pigs to convince the animals the principles of animalism
Some animals were dumb but some animals wanted to stay loyal to Mr. Jones because he feeds them
What are some of the animals objections to animalism
The animals were scared that they would starve to death and some didn’t want to work for the rebellion
What did the animals remember the morning after the rebellions and how did they react
They remembered that they had overthrown Mr. Jones and were free. they ran out into the pasture together
Why don’t the pigs like the pet raven Moses stories about sugar candy mountain
Because some of the animals believed it and Moses didn’t work
Could the revolution happen without animalism
No it would be too disorganized
What does Orwell want us to think about the farm
He wants us to think it is a great place and uses vivid images in after the animals have freedom they view it differently
How does the pig started take control
Napoleon and Snowball write out the seven commandments and teach the others
Why is changing the name from manor farm to animal Farm important
The animals that have control and can make their own rules
What was the problem with the farm tools
They were made for human hands
Why did boxer asked the cockerels to call here in a half hour earlier in the morning
He wanted to do more work
Snowballs committees in programs were not very successful except for which one
Reading and writing classes
Why did the animals enjoy their food more
The animals produced it for themselves
Where do you find the pictures of a hoof and a horn
On the new flag
Who enjoyed the slogan four legs good two legs bad the most
The sheep
What happened to the milk and apples
The pig took them to eat
What does squealer say to make the animals afraid
If the pigs aren’t healthy Mr. Jones will come back
Who did the most speaking in the Sunday meetings
Who could never agree in the Sunday meetings
Snowball and Napoleon
Why do you think the cat joy in the reeducation committee
So she could talk to the birds then eat them
What did snowball summarize a 7commandments into four legs good two legs bad
The dumb animals cannot understand the Commandments
Where did the new puppies go for what reason
They went with Napoleon to get an education
What is the difference between the pigs and the other animals
The pics were a lot smarter and could work harder
What shows there are already problems in the leadership of the new government
The animals are getting upset about who gets the food and snowball and Napoleon are disagreeing
What are boxers strong suits
He is a hard worker
Which is closest in meaning to, Snowball flung his fifteen stone against Jones’ legs.”
Ran into jones with his heavy weight
The behavior of the animals on other farms( tractable suddenly turned savage, sheep broke down hedges and devoured the clover, cows kicked the pails over, hunters refused their fences and shot their riders on to the other side. Above all, the tune and even the words of “Beasts of England). Is an example of
Other animals rebelliousness
In the first paragraph the pigeons were sent out to mingle with the animals all neighboring farms. To mingle probably means
Mix with
What Department of the government of animal farm did the pigeons work for
Foreign affairs
How did human beings respond to the animal singing the beast of England
They did not like the animal singing it
Why would Frederick in Pilkington be threatened by the animal Farm
The animals on the animal Farm my influence the ones on their farm on rebelling
What was snowball strategy to win the battle
His strategy was to have three defense lines
how did snowball know what to do
He read a Julius Caesar book on strategy
What do the animals do to celebrate their victory
They named the battle and fire a gun
After reading about the battle of cowshed what can we say about snowballs character
He is a leader in a smart animal
T or F The other farmers were really good friends with Mr. Jones and wanted to help him
Where the animal surprised by that humans attack
Who commanded the animals in battle
Who was the sable lad killed by
Who would you say is the hero of the battle
Snowball is a hero of the battle he thought of all the strategy and led the battle
What kind of personality is boxer what kind of personality a snowball
Boxer is sensitive and caring. Snowball cares about himself and winning
What happened to Molly
She betrayed animal farm and went to work for humans
What would be the benefit of a windmill according to snowball
Electricity would make life easier
What is Napoleon say about the windmill
It will be difficult to accomplish
In chapter 5 besides the WinMail on what issue do Napoleon and Snowball disagree
Defense of the farm
What does squealer accuse snowball of
Being no better than a criminal
What stopped the other pigs protest
The dogs ground wait
What did Napoleon cancel
Sunday meetings
What reasons does squealer game for Napoleon making all the decisions
The reasons were that Napoleon took extra labor upon himself even though he didn’t, and believes that all animals are equal
What does snowball promise the animals with the Windmill
That the animals would only have to work three days a week
Did all the animals support Napoleon’s announcement that Sunday meetings would be canceled
T/F at the end of the chapter Napoleon will continue with the plans to build the windmill

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