Animal Farm Introduction Flashcard Example #64878

What year was “Animal Farm” published?
In the novel “Animal Farm” what animals are corrupt and immoral?
The pigs
“Animal Farm” is an allegory for what?
The Russian Revolution
What two books are Orwell most known for?
“Animal Farm” and “1984”
What is George Orwell’s real name?
Eric Blair
What inspired Orwell to write “Animal Farm”
A little boy whipping a horse.
The story is based on Orwell’s view of what?
The communist system in the former Soviet Union.
Who is Karl Marx?
A German Intellectual in the mid 1800’s
Who is Pilkington?
Forms an alliance with the pigs so he can benefit for Animal Farm.
“Animal Farm” is based on what?
“Animal Farm” is in the form of what?
Allegory, Satire, Fable.
What year was “1984” published?
Where did George Orwell work in British occupied India?
Imperial Police
“Animal Farm” is a masterpiece of what?
Political Satire
When “Animal Farm” was first published, it was thought to be a what?
Children’s book

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