Animal Farm Irony Flashcard Example #24544

The pigs declare that the animals are working less and have more food, but. . . .
Dramatic Irony
That is physically impossible.
The pigs once advocated the Rebellion and hated the humans, but . . . . .
Situational Irony
At the end, they made a friendship with the humans.
Boxer is taken to the knackers, but . . . .
Dramatic Irony
Squealer says that its a Doctors cart.
The animals overthrow the humans to be free and to become all equal, but . . . .
Situational Irony & Dramatic Irony
In the end, they are back to square one.
Napoleon declares the death sentence for nay animal who drinks alcohol, but . . . .
Situational Irony
He already drank alcohol before.
Old Major told Boxer that when his muscles went weak that Mr. Jones would sell him to the knackers, but . . ..
Situational Irony
He is actually sold the knackers by the pigs
Snowball, a hero of Animal Farm, is made out to be an enemy by Napoleon, but . . . .
Dramatic Irony
Napoleon is the real enemy.

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