Animal Farm Literary Devices Flashcard Example #20265

In the novel Animal Farm, the animals take human characteristics by talking and working as humans do.
The windmill is an example of symbolism in animal farm because it shows how powerful the pigs are and how they can easily manipulate the animals.
The whole novel of animal farm is a satire of what happened in the Soviet Union after Lenin’s death. Using silly characters, George Orwell was able to share his views in an entertaining way.
An example of imagery in Animal Farm is when Moses the crow tells the animals about sugar candy mountain and explains how sugar grows on bushes and just gives a vivid description of the fictional place.
An example of a flashback in the
Dramatic Irony
In the novel Animal Farm, the reader knows that the pigs are up to no good when they take extra rations and such, but the common animals believe that the pigs are trying to do good,
Situational Irony
In Animal Farm, the reader may suspect that the second time the animals build the windmill will be successful, but in the end it was destroyed by humans.
An example of a maxim in animal farm is when Snowball creates the maxim of, “Four legs good, two legs bad” to help the animals remember the basic rule of animalism.

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