Animal Farm Main Characters Flashcard Example #33103

Old Major
Prize winning boar that has the whole vision about Animal Farm;Gives Inspiration for the rebellion;Teaches animals “Beast of England
Leader of Animal Farm;Stalin;Trains the 9 dogs as power
Pigs who challenges Napoleon for control;Trotsky;Intelligent, passionate, and less evil than Napoleon
“Steals the apples, and breaks the windmill”
pig that spreads Napoleon’s propaganda
cart horse;I will work harder;Napoleon is always right; old and sent off “To Hospital” but actually to be killed for glue from his hooves
Cart horse that often suspects the pigs breaking the commandments but blames herself for not remembering the commandments
vain;ribbons;sugar cubes;leaves to go to a neighboring farm
white goat that
reads clover commandments when she gets suspicious
donkey;thinks life will always be unpleasant;He actually comprehend the changes that i going on but does not want to oppose the pigs
The raven; sugar candy mountain
The Dogs
Jessie and Bluebell give birth the the pups that are trained by napoleon to attack who he wants
Mr. Jones
Drunk farmer that runs Manor Farm
Doesn’t feed the animals
Mr. Whymper
Human solicitor that Napoleon hires
Mr. Pilkington
runs Foxwood
Mr. Frederick
runs pinchfield/mean

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