Animal Farm Study Guide Flashcard Example #26368

Who owns the manor?
Mr. Jones
What problem does Jones have?
– He is a drunk (alcoholic)
– Not enough food on the farm
– He treats animals poorly
Who is Old Major?
boar (pig)
Why does Old Major assemble the animals?
to share his dream
What are the ideals outlined by Old Major that should occur after the rebellion?
– the animals will be able to keep the products of their hard work such as the milk from the cows. The animals would be free of abuse, and they will be rich
– the animals should not receive any interaction with human stuff such as alcohol, clothes, tobacco, money and beds with sheets
– the animals are not to turn against each other or to kill one another
What broke up the meeting?
gunshot – Awoken by the loud singing of the animals, Mr. Jones shoots his gun because he thought there was a fox.
What political idea in Russian history does Old Major represent?
Marxism – Communism
To what political figure in Russian history does Jones correspond?
Zar Nicholas II
How are the words to the St. Matthew’s School Song similar to “Beasts of England” ?
Both songs symbolizes freedom and perfect community that their leaders want to achieve.
Who are the tree main pigs?
Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon
The pigs formulated the teaching of Old Major into a system of thought. What is it called? What were the seven commandments?

Seven Commandments:
1. Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.

The animals encounter a couple of problems as they begin to discuss the coming rebellion. Name one of them.
Referring to Jones as a master, fear of starvation?
What two leaders emerge after the rebellion?
Snowball and Napoleon
What is done with the farmhouse?
Made into a museum
What have the pigs been doing for the past three months?
– Learning to read and write
– steeling milk and apples
Who came up with the Seven Commandments?
the Pigs
(Napoleon ; snowball put them on wall)
What seems funny about the working conditions after the rebellion?
The animals work harder all the time
How well did the animals work together? Why do you think so?
Worked well together. The farm was producing more food then it ever had.
Are all the animals equal? Describe any “classes” or rankings of animals that you see.
Not equal – ruling class of pigs
elite (upper class) and proletariat (working class)
What shows there are already problems in the leadership of the new government?
Snowball and Napoleon argue on every decision
Who among the workers is admired? why?
Boxer – he works hard
motto: “I will work harder”
To what do you think the hoof and horn on the flag correspond?
signifying the Republic of Animals which would arise when the human race was overthrown
Who was taking the milk?
The pigs
Who was sent to explain why the milk was being used by the pigs?
Name one of the arguments that he used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs?
His argument was that the pigs where the one’s performing all the “brain work” and therefore they needed “brain” food.
How did Napoleon and Snowball spread the news of the rebellion to the animals on neighboring farms?
The pigeons
Did Pilkington and Frederick offer to help Jones at First?
No, they laughed at him
How did they react to their own animals singing “Beast of England”?
feared their animals would rebel
Where did Snowball learn is battle techniques?
A book about Julius Caesar.
Why did Snowball give the sound for retreat?
Trick the humans – It leads the humans to the barn where they are ambushed by the horses, cows and pigs.
What makes Boxer seem particularly human and lovable?
He felt guilt & sadness over killing the boy (stable hand)
What does Napoleon tell Boxer that shows him to be ruthless?
He felt no sympathy. He said, “the only good human is a dead one.”
Where was Mollie during the battle?
hiding in her stall
Name two human rituals (traditions) that the animals used to celebrate their victory
– raising flag
– naming of the battle
– awarding of the brass medals
What name was given to the battle in which Jones and his friends tried to retake Animal Farm?
Battle of the Cowshed
If Mollie was a person, what would she be like?
Needs attention, selfish, materialistic, rebellious, lazy, no regard for rules or authority
To what does the power struggle between Napoleon and Snowball relate historically?
struggle between TROTSKY & STALIN:
Stalin forced Trotsky from Russia and seized control of the country after Lenin’s death
What idea did Snowball have to improve conditions on the farm?
WINDMILL: The windmill would be used for electricity to heat/cool the stalls and power tools around the farm.
The animals divided into two fractions (they took two sides). What slogans did they come up with?
– “Vote for Snowball and the three-day week”
– “Vote for Napoleon the full manager”
At the meeting about the windmill. Snowball begins to win over the animals. What does Napoleon do about this? What happens to Snowball? To what event does this relate historically?
– Napoleon calls the idea non-sense
– Snowball eloquently shouts his plea to build the windmill
(When Snowball is run off by the dogs for his ideas, it is similar to when Trotsky was exiled from Russia for trying to spread his revolutionary ideas. Stalin became dictator in charge)
Who do the fierce dogs symbolize?
represent the KGC, secret police during the Russian revolution.
Look again at the Seven Commandments. Which one is no longer in effect?
Not all animals are equal
(Must never terrorize your own kind)
Name one change that is made after Snowball is kicked out. Who is it that convinces the animals that Napoleon was actually helping them?
– no Sunday meetings
– Pigs move into farmhouse
What phrase always stopped any arguments from the animals?
Threats Jones would return
What two phrases does Boxer use frequently?
– “I will work harder.”
– “Napoleon is always right.”
When Squealer explains about the windmill and the end of the chapter, what causes the animals to go along with his explanation?
He says Napoleon always wanted the windmill. In fact, Snowball stole Napoleons idea and plans for the Windmill.
What was ironic about the animals working on the windmill on Sundays?
It is suppose to be their day off to rest
Why was the windmill so hard to build?
– required a lots of stones
– ssue was trying to break it into smaller pieces and cart it to the construction site.
Without whom would the windmill have been impossible?
What did Napoleon tell the hens about giving up their eggs?
Personal contribution – in order to receive money they were to sacrifice their eggs so that they could be sold at the market
Which commandment is changed and how?
Commandment 4 changed from
“No animal shall sleep in beds” to
“No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.”
How is Snowball used as a scapegoat?
The windmill is found destroyed so Napoleon blames Snowball since he is the traitor and one that has been banished he must be the one who destroyed it
What was one of the strongest motivations for competing the rebuilding of the windmill?
show the humans that they could get it back up and running in a hurry
Why did it finally become necessary for the hens to surrender all their eggs?
the farm was extremely low on food and they needed the money to keep the animals from starving. (FARM LOW ON FOOD & $)
What did the hens do to rebel against this?
Their method was to fly up tot he rafters and there lay their eggs, which smashed to pieces on the floor
What else is revealed about Snowball?
Traitor – Works for the enemy
What do the confessions and executions of the pigs, hens, goose, and sheep symbolize? Which of the Seven Commandments does this violate?
symbolizes: Stalin’s purges
Violates Commandment: Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy.
What does Boxer think was the cause of the frightening slaughter of fellow animals? What is his solution?
Cause: Blames them?
Solution: Napoleon is always right and he will work harder.
What is happening with the 7 commandments and what is this doing to the organization of the farm?
4: No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.
5: No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.
6: No animal shall kill any other animal without purpose.
7: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Why do the animals not realize what is occurring?
They can’t read
What does Squealer use to show the animals that conditions are better on the farm? Why does this work so well?
– During Sunday Meetings he would read the animals lists of figures proving that the production of every class of food stuff had increased by 200%-500%
– The animals couldn’t remember the conditions on the farm before the rebellion and had no reason not to believe him.
What is Napolean’s new title?
Why is the poem that Minimus creates for Napolean considered ironic?
thoughts of happiness?
What do Napolean dealings with farmers represent?
Stalin’s tap dance?
What do the pigs find in the basement?
crate of whiskey
At the end of the chapter, how do the animals find Squealer?
Dogs find Squealer fallen from a ladder at the bottom of 7 commandment ladder with a paintbrush and latern
Who knows what is going on? Why do the animals do nothing?
Benjamin knows…
What species of animal is increasing in number? Decreasing?
Pigs – increasing
Chickens/Hens – decreasing
Why are only the young pigs being educated, and why are they discouraged from playing with other young animals?
training to be leaders
How was the president of the new Republic elected?
The president was elected by a vote. Since Napolean was the only person running he received a unanimous vote.
What happens to Boxer? Why is this so tragic?
Boxer is sick and collapses while trying to work on the windmill. As he is unable to work any longer he is sent to the slaughterhouse while all the other animals believe that he was sent to an animal hospital. It is tragic because Boxer trusted the pigs and worked the hardest on the farm and was never able to enjoy the retirement he longed for.
How did the pigs use Boxer’s death to get the animals to work harder?
REGRET: Pigs said that Boxer said “Long live Napoleon, long live the revolution.” The animals should all listen to Napoleon’s orders?
Had any of the animals retired? Do you think they will?
No and No
According to Benjamin, what is the only one unalterable law?
hunger, hardship, and disappointment
Although the animals’ living conditions have not improved, what one thing do they feel proud of?
only fame in the whole country (England) owned and operated by animals
What dream do the animals still have at the beginning of the chapter 10? What happens to destroy this hope?
What does Benjamin read to Clover?
The meeting between humans and pigs at the end of the chapter represents what? What does the quarrel over two aces stand for?
represents the meeting between Stalin and Russian Communists?
Discuss the final irony at the end of the novel.
(The animals were back where they started, under the direction of a dictator)
– Power corrupts those in charge
– When Napoleon had gain political power he begun to be cruel and brutal to the other animals.
What does the ending have to say regarding Orwell’s attitude toward both Communism and Capitalism? Does either system treat its “lower class” well in the novel?
Both become corrupted by greed

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