Animal Farm Summary Flashcard Example #32784

Chapter 1 events
Old Major gathers the animals to tell them about a “dream” he had

Inspires animals to rebel and form a communist government in which they rely on themselves

Beasts of England in sung

Chapter 2 events
3 days later Old Major dies

Teaching and organizing fall to the pigs (Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon)

Mollie worries she won’t be able to eat sugar + have ribbons in her hair

Moses spreads tales of sugarcandy mountain and the pigs try to convince the others it is not true

The animals take over the farm when Mr. Jones forgets to feed them

Pigs learn to read and write

Napoleon hides the milk and claims it will be tended to later

Chapter 3 events
Spend summer working and pigs find ways to use human tools. Harvest is greater than ever.

Snowball creates programs to educate the animals but still most are uneducated

Napoleon trains the newborn puppies

Squealer convinces the animals that the pigs need milk and apples to support brain health

Chapter 4 events
Animals fight in the battle of cowshed where Boxer and Snowball fight courageously

One sheep dies and is given a hero funeral

Boxer and Snowball awarded animal hero first-class medals for winning the battle

Chapter 5 events
Mollie betrays the farm and works for humans pulling their carriage

Snowball constructs plans for a new windmill and Napoleon disagrees

During the vote snowball is attacked by napoleons dogs and exiled

Animals are confused and disturbed

Chapter 6 events
The animals work through the winter to farm and build the windmill

Find way to break up stones small enough to build with

Napoleon hires a human solicitor to keep up with supplies

Bad storm toppled windmill and it is blamed on the villain snowball

Chapter 7 events
Animals rebuild windmill 2x as thick and in January fall short of food (they concealed this from the humans)

Snowball is blamed for every misfortune the farm faces (scapegoat)

Squealer convinces the others that snowball wasn’t the one who won the war it was Napoleon who had shown great strength

A great purge takes place and Napoleon forces some animals to confess to crimes in league with Snowball. He kills many innocent animals

Beasts of England is permitted because it only applied to the rebellion

Chapter 8 events
The animals work even hard to finish the windmill and suffer hunger and cold. Squealer convinces them that their conditions are better than before

Minimus rights of home in praise of Napoleon shows the willingness the animals have to follow Napoleon and his rules

The boy and engages in complicated negotiations for the sale of timber to Mr. Frederick or Mr. Pilkington

The windmill is finally complete but the next day a battle was waged between the animals and the other farmers and the windmill is blown up

The pigs find a crate of whiskey and are sick the next day

Squealer is caught holding a paintbrush near the barn but the animals failed to put two and two together.

Chapter 9 events
Wearily the animals rebuild the windmill

Boxer hurts his leg but refuses to take off work. Clover helps nurture him and he feels slightly better

Rations continue to dwindle but squealer proves they are actually improving

Piglets are born and Napoleon demands that a school house is built for their education

Spontaneous demonstrations are carried out to celebrate animal farm’s greatness

Animal Farm is declared a republic and Napoleon is president

It is revealed that Snowball was in league with Mr. Jones the entire time

Boxer collapses and the pigs send him off to a slaughterer and use the money to buy more whiskey

Chapter 10 events
Many animals die over the years and only a few remember the rebellion

The completed windmill is used to mill corn- a more profitable result

Sheep are taught a new slogan ‘four legs good, two legs better’

Pigs morph into humans becoming friends with other farmers and the commandments are erased changing to ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than other’

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