Animal Farm: themes Flashcard Example #41506

What are the main themes of Animal Farm?
Equality & inequality
Power, control & corruption
How does Orwell show class shown through Animal Farm?
The hardships the working animals have when Mr. Jones is in charge
Mr. Jones fails to look after the pigs properly, he take what they produce & keeps the profit for himself & slaughters them when they are unable to work
The pigs adopting Mr. Jones’ old ways; taking food for themselves, changing the commandments, ; becoming a class above the animals to exploit them
How does Orwell show Equality ; inequality through Animal Farm?
The inequality between Mr. Jones and the animals-The animals do all the hard work for little food ; Mr. Jones profits from their hard work
The chance for equality after the rebellion. Making the commandment ‘all animals are equal’
The inequality when the pigs come to power; they change the rules, take more food ; don’t work as hard
How does Orwell show power, control & corruption through Animal Farm?
Mr Jones uses his power over the animals, particularly through violence & mistreatment
He becomes corrupt when he becomes a lazy farmer
The animals use their own physical power to overtake the farm
The pigs use the power of speech, manipulation & fear to control the farm

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