Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 1, Ode 1 – English 10 B-CR Flashcard Example #28382

Which situations is an example of dramatic irony?
Antigone intends to bury Polyneices.
Which line creates dramatic irony?
Someone has buried the corpse and disappeared,
Based on these lines, what does Creon value?

Eteocles, who perished in the fight
to save our city, the best and bravest
of our spearmen, will have his burial

loyalty to state
Which character suggests that the gods may have buried Polyneices?
Chorus Leader
Which character reports that Polyneices has been buried?
Which prediction can a reader make about the character?

Character = Antigone

Traits = Has courage, Values Family, Respects Divine Authority

Prediction = ?

Antigone will bury Polyneices.
Based on these lines, what is Creon’s attitude toward the elders?

Of all the citizens I’ve summoned you,
because I know how well you showed respect
for the eternal power of the throne

He trusts them.
Who is the audience led to believe buried Polyneices?
Which question should be asked when characterizing the antagonist?
How do others respond to the antagonist?
Sophocles uses which literary device in these lines to keep the audience interested?

I swear to you on oath—unless you find
the one whose hands really buried him,
unless you bring him here before my eyes,
then death for you will never be enough.

Dramatic Irony
Dramatic irony occurs when __________.
the audience knows something other characters do not
Which character is the antagonist in the play?

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