Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 2, Ode 2 Practice Flashcard Example #23697

What does the passage reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks?
That they believe in curses and such seeing as they say such things which in depth means they see how generations have years of hard luck with out any break. thus why they imply that a curse has taken place.
Explain how the figurative language in the passage reveals Ismene’s character, reveals the Chorus Leader’s tone, and influences the mood of the audience.
Her character is a sympathetic one and has remorse like any other, The tone is set in ways of hurt and sorrow for what fate comes to meet her beloved sister.
How is the figurative language intended to affect the audience?
to create fear
Which thematic statement completes the organizer?
Those who disrespect the gods will be punished.
Identify key events and situations that occur or are revealed in scene 2 of the play Antigone. Explain how these events and situations affect the audience.
A very important key event that happened is the guard announced that they have discovered who has buried the body of the city traitor Polyneices also how the guards were able to catch Antigone in the act. They affect the audience by filling them with suspense and fear of what is to come.
Which situation, revealed by Ismene, further complicates the plot?
Antigone is engaged to Creon’s son, Haemon.
Explain how the figurative language in the passage reveals Creon’s tone.
It sets a tone in which he is serious and means what he says, thus putting all the tension on what he states
Consider the conflict between loyalty to family and civil obedience. Make a prediction about Antigone’s fate based on her engagement to Haemon. Make a connection between the predicted resolution and theme.
Loyalty to family is what makes Antigone. Her thoughts her ideas her wishes her love its what made everything about her. To me I think that those things are what she’ll go down with to the death, Thus I think that she wish indeed be punished but something else might happen something drastic that changes everything.
Scene 2 takes place at which stage of the plot structure?
rising action
What does the passage reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks?
Some believed the gods were the ultimate authority.

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