Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 5, Paean Flashcard Example #42288

A(n) ________ character is an universal type that is common across different genres of literature.
A(n) _________ character is a character of dimension that changes with the plot.
Which statement reveals a change in Creon’s character?
Until one dies the best thing well may be/to follow our established laws.
What is the purpose of the paean?
to honor the gods
What does Teiresias’ character reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks?
Gods punish the wicked.
Which event occurs at the climax of the play?
Creon changes his mind and decides to bury Polyneices and to free Antigone.
Which character is a stock character in Antigone by Sophocles?
Which statement explains how Teiresias’ character affects the audience?
Which character is a dynamic character in Antigone by Sophocles?
Which theme does Teiresias’ prophecy reveal?
Divine authority holds the ultimate power.

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