Antigone by Sophocles: The Exodos Pre-Test Flashcard Example #69596

How does the play resolve the conflict between conscience and law?
Creon acts according to the law, not the conscience of advisors, and is punished.
Which event is associated with the peripeteia in the play?
Teiresias’ prophecy
The Greek term “catastrophe” refers to the __________.
scene of suffering
Which tragic element is associated with the lines spoken by the Chorus Leader?
Which literary device does the passage illustrate?
tragic irony
Which term refers to a character’s excessive pride?
Which tragic element do the Chorus Leader’s lines reveal?
Which statement summarizes the main idea of these lines?
Prideful attitudes lead to tragedy.
Based on the thematic statement above, what did the ancient Greeks value?
How does the play resolve the conflict between divine authority and human authority?
The deaths of Haemon and Eurydice fulfill the prophecy.

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