Antigone characters and pronunciations Flashcard Example #543

daughter of Oedipus, former king of Thebes. One of my personal favorites of ALLLLLLLL time. I like her as much as Mercutio from R&J and Cassius (from Julius Caesar). She is one tough cookie.
daughter of Oedipus (Antigone’s sister). Wimp.
King of Thebes, uncle of Antigone and Ismene. Kind of a jerk.
Creon’s son – engaged to Antigone — yep…cousins.
wife of Creon
a blind prophet (yep…same one as in the Odyssey)
made up of about 15 elders of Thebes
leader of the chorus
self-explanatory I hope.
brother to Antigone and Ismene – killed in battle. bad boy
brother to Antigone and Ismene – killed in battle
sister to Creon – mother to Antigone and Ismene – hanged herself when she realized the truth about her relationship with Oedipus. He was her son and she didn’t realize it when she married him. Yes, more disgusting things from the world of the Greeks.
wife of Hades, queen of the underworld. What a job!
imprisoned by her father because it had been predicted her son would kill him. Zeus felt sorry for her and “visited” her in the form of a golden rain and afterwards, she was pregnant with Perseus. She and Perseus were thrown into the sea, saved by Poseidon. After a lot of different things happened, he killed Medusa, and later did kill his grandfather (accidentally) which actually did fulfill the prophecy. Ahhh…gotta love those Greeks!
son of Dryas – wound up eaten by horses (yes horses) because he wouldn’t worship Dionysus properly. He basically offended the Muses (all nine of them apparently) and so there was no hope for him because they never forgave anyone. Talk about holding a grudge!
imprisoned his first wife – daughter of the North wind and allowed his new wife to blind his sons from his first marriage. What? Yep.
god of fire
town in Central Greece – was the most powerful city in Greece in the early 4th century. Was destroyed right before Trojan War. Rebuilt later but never regained prominence. Rebuilt after an earthquake destroyed it, it is now linked to Athens by rail and is a town that trades wheat, olive oil. wine, tobacco and tourist attractions of ancient ruins. In Mythology, founded by Kadmos, brother of Agenor, ancestor of Oedipus. Referred to as seven- gated Thebes, not to be confused with hundred-gated Thebes in Egypt.
a story that functions on two levels – literal and symbolic. Characters represent ideals; story teaches moral lesson.

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