Antigone: Sophocles play Flashcard Example #71408

Who was Antigone’s family?
Oedipus, Jocasta, Ismene, Polynices and Eteocles
Who was Oedipus?
Antigone’s father, former King and ruler of Thebes before Creon and Eteocles. He had a tragic flaw too
What was Antigone’s duty?
Her duty laid within the oikos like other women, but she chose to leave behind that duty and move towards the duty of burying her brother Polynices. Defying Greek society duties and customs for a death sentence for her brother
Why didn’t Ismene want to help Antigone?
Because she didn’t want to leave her duty within the oikos, she also didn’t want to meddle in the polis where all the men/kings talked about the city because the consequence would be death, she believed that Antigone was a lot braver and stronger than herself but wished she could’ve backed her sister
Why did Antigone do what she did for Polynices?
Because she wanted to give her brother a proper burial, he was left to be feasted upon by birds and she wanted to send him to Hades like everyone she had done before her, in the hope someone would also do the same to her as well. She found no greater honor than doing that for her brother and felt no wrongness with breaking the state laws against it
What is the divine law which Antigone upholded?
The divine law is which the Gods had implaced where the burial rites and upholded for a funeral where coins are laid on eyes to pay the ferry men and a spread of wine of the body with fire burning to help make the soul go into Hades and walk amongst the dead, this is which the Greeks believed in
What is the state law which Creon made?
He made a law which stated that no one could bury Polynices because he was a traitor to Thebes since he had attacked it, whoever buried him would face consequences such as death. Creon was abolishing the unwritten divine laws whilst doing this
What had happened between Polynices and Eteocles?
Eteocles was the former ruler of Thebes after his father Oedipus had been King, but Polynices believed that he was the true King of Thebes and sought out to take the throne from him. This created a war between brothers, Polynices was deemed a traitor since he had attacked Thebes but Eteocles was a hero since he had defended it as King. The result was of them killing eachother and causing the Throne to become empty, but then Creon took the throne since his sister Jocasta was the Queen which makes him entitled to be King
What was Creon’s tragic flaw?
He brought his leadership above all else, he helped to protect Thebes but instead he upholded state law instead of divine laws which helped create a tragedy amongst his family. He as a King didn’t listen to what the people of Thebes truly wanted but thought about what himself and his city would’ve wanted, thus making it a tragic flaw
What was Antigone’s tragic flaw?
Her tragic flaw was when she upheld her loyalty and honor for her brother and had the consequence of death over the upholding of divine laws over state laws
When was Sophocles Antigone play written?
5th century BC
Quote for Creon’s reason for Polynices non-burial
“He is to have no grave, no burial, no mourning from anyone it is forbidden, he is to be left un buried left to be eaten. I am determined that never, if I can help it, shall evil triumph over good”
Quote for when Creon finds out Polynices was buried
“What! Who dared to do it?”
Theban elders at the end of the play quote:
“This is the law”
Antigone’s quote when she is caught
“That order did not come from God. Justice that dwells with the Gods below, knows no such law. I did not think your edicts strong enough to overrule the unwritten unalterable laws of God and heaven, you being only man”
Haemon’s quote for finding out about his wife to be’s imprisonment
“I am your son sir; by your wise decisions my life is ruled, and then I shall always obey. I cannot value any marriage tie above your own good guidance”
Quote about Polynices and Eteocles
“Covered in brother-blood” “Both slain by the other”
Quote about Creon’s downfall
“A king whose lips are sealed by fear, unwilling to seek advice is damned”
Quote from Creon about Antigone’s defiance
“She shall not defy my orders with impunity”
Quote from Creon about the people of Thebes, leading towards his downfall
“The people of Thebes? Since when do I take orders from the people of Thebes?”
Quote from Haemon towards Creon over his leadership
“You’d be an excellent King – on a desert island”
Quote from Creon after his tragic downfall
“Now I know it is by the laws of heaven that man must live”
Quote from the chorus about the gods
“Reverence for the gods is punishable and wrong”
Excessive pride
Author of the Greek Tragedy
When was the play created?
5th cent BC
Greek name for sequences of a play
Tragic hero
Leading to their own destruction
Family duty of Antigone
Duty of the dead is part of what it means to be a human, not part of what it means to be a citizen. This is which Antigone sides with, the unwritten laws of religion and family duty
Suicide (Tragedy in play)
Antigone kills herself, Haemon stabs himself and Eurydices kills herself
Polynices/Eteocles kill themselves
Polynices kept above ground (denied grave)

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