Antigone Vocabulary Words 26-50 Flashcard Example #54074

Definition: to feel sorrow
Synonyms: repent, regret
Antonyms: enjoy, love
Sentence: After the endless night of crying, Lucy rued the day she told her sister she would babysit.
Definition: to put an end to
Synonyms: vanquish, subdue
Antonyms: build, encourage
Sentence: Monica quelled her little brother’s fear of thunder by telling him it was God bowling.
Definition: hurt, damage
Synonyms: harm, taint
Antonyms: build, fix
Sentence: In his fit of rage, John marred the statue of the school principal.
Definition: satisfy
Synonyms: alleviate, soothe
Antonyms: aggravate, agitate
Sentence: Nicole tries so hard to appease her parents, but A-B honor roll isn’t good enough.
Definition: accidentally
Synonyms: unintentionally, inadvertently
Antonyms: knowingly, advisedly
Sentence: When Chris hit the red button, he unwittingly set off the fire alarm.
Definition: free from violation or desecration
Synonyms: undisturbed, untouched
Antonyms: infringed, evil
Sentence: The iPhone 6 was inviolated, until Tammy dropped it on the concrete.
Definition: correct, humiliate
Synonyms: penalize, discipline
Antonyms: praise, approve
Sentence: Fran was chastened by the nuns for using the Lord’s name in vain.
Definition: to drive or urge forward
Synonyms: compel, motivate
Antonyms: calm, discourage
Sentence: Justin was impelled by love to marry his high school sweetheart.
Definition: decline, decay
Synonyms: cease, crumble
Antonyms: grow, build
Sentence: Gregory’s hand perished in the car crash.
Definition: to anger or irritate
Synonyms: agitate, annoy
Antonyms: comfort, delight
Sentence: Hannah vexed her mother until she allowed her to go to the movies.
Definition: a hole or door in a vessel
Synonyms: doorway, entrance
Antonyms: N/A
Sentence: The portals to the future were shut down due to maintenance.
Definition: an approval or mutual understanding (whether it be a noun or a verb)
Synonyms: deal, agree, approval
Antonyms: disagreement, disapproval, argue
Sentence (n): The accord to end the war was signed in 1945.
Sentence (v): It was very nice of Bob to accord his son a car.
Definition: cheat
Synonyms: deceive, fraud
Antonyms: be honest
Sentence: Ozzy was gulled into believing he was adopted.
Definition: ready to bear/produce
Synonyms: abundant, fruitful
Antonyms: barren, sparse
Sentence: When Trish found out she was highly fertile, she wanted to conceive a child right away.
Definition: deceive
Synonyms: contradict, oppose
Antonyms: approve, affirm
Sentence: Bella belies everyone into buying her food at lunch.
Definition: go beyond
Synonyms: surpass, outshine
Antonyms: surrender, fail
Sentence: Cara transcends what is expected of her, and gets extra credit on every assignment!
Definition: serious, dangerous
Synonyms: earnest, critical
Antonyms: jolly, calm
Sentence (1): Mrs. Locke had to deliver the grave news: the guinea pig had died overnight.
Sentence (2): These were grave circumstances: one of the men had to scout out the battlefield ahead.
Definition: a strong feeling of hatred
Synonyms: dislike, contempt
Antonyms: love, like
Sentence: I have a strong sense of loathing toward my math teacher- she makes everything so complicated!
Definition (1): best, excellent
Definition (2): a winner
Definition (3): support
Synonyms (1): unbeaten, super
Synonyms (2): conquerer, hero
Synonyms (2): defend, promote
Antonyms (1): losing, beaten
Antonyms (2): loser, runner-up
Antonyms (3): go against, fight
Sentence (1): The champion fighter has had his title for over 23 years!
Sentence (2); James was announced the champion of the 5K!
Sentence (3): Everyone would like to champion Hunter’s cause.
Definition: meanness
Synonyms: rudeness, wickedness
Antonyms: morality, goodness
Sentence: Brielle has a mutual level of baseness- sometimes she’s really sassy!
Definition: talk into
Synonyms: persuade, charm
Antonyms: dissuade, offend
Sentence: Jesus would not stop wheedling people into following him.
Definition: abusive, hateful
Synonyms: despicable, hurting
Antonyms: complimentary, kind
Sentence: Brian’s opprobrious behavior will not be tolerated at this school.
Definition: authorize (or authorization)
Synonyms: permission, approve
Antonyms: denial, refuse
Sentence (1): The police received a warrant to search the man’s house.
Sentence (2): The permit warrants the business to sell their products.
Definition: delay
Synonyms: loiter, pause
Antonyms: rush, carry out
Sentence: My mother likes to tarry before we hit the road.
Definition: ancestry
Synonyms: descent, genealogy
Antonyms: N/A
Sentence: Paul comes from a lineage of well-known poets.

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