ART101 artists Flashcard Example #20306

Which artist wanted viewers to see the natural rhythms present in a flower?
Georgia O’Keefe
Which artist is known for making a modified Citroen DS car?
Gabriel Orozco
Who made photographs of national parks to increase public awareness of the beauty of nature?
Ansel Adams
Who was an early advocate of photography as an artform and opened a gallery in New York City in 1905?
Alfred Stieglitz
Which artist is considered a leader in the revival of fresco painting in the 1920s and 1930s?
Diego Rivera
A contemporary artist who uses relief techniques in an original way is
Betsabee Romero
Which nineteenth-century artist attempted to bring craft and fine art together by creating a design company?
William Morris
Who led the Chicago school and is generally regarded as the first great modern architect?
Louis Sullivan
Which architect famously stated “Less is more”?
Frank Gehry
This early filmmaker pioneered many special effects, such as dissolves between scenes and time-lapse photography, as seen in his “Voyage to the Moon”.
George Melies

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