Beowulf and the Dragon Quiz Flashcard Example #67478

Why does Beowulf fight the dragon?
A thief stole a jeweled cup from the dragon,who began to terrorize the Geats. Beowulf decided that he needed to kill the dragon and take the treasure for people.
How is this battle different from his battle with Grendel and Grendel’s mother?
He is older, he has to use weapons, he is fighting for the Geats instead of the Danes, and he dies at the end of this battle.
Explain how Beowulf’s acceptance of his fate show a sense of responsibility to his people?
He is willing and fight and die to save his people, the ultimate unselfishness.
Describe the dragon’s appearance and behavior. What does the dragon seem to symbolize?
scaly, coiling, fire-breathing. He appears to symbolize, evil, death, Satan.
In the description of the battle, what are some images that the poet uses that tells the reader that death is waiting for Beowulf?
His sword and shield fail him, the poet says he is headed unwillingly to the next life, and that fate will deny him victory.
When the tide turns against Beowulf, how do his men respond. Which one(s), if any, assist him?
His men run and the only one who stays to help him fight the dragon is Wiglaf.
The significance of a dying Beowulf giving his gold chain, mail shirt, and helmet to Wiglaf?
It symbolizes the passing on of the ruler ship to warrior who is worthy, and also shows Beowulf’s loyalty to his men.
How are the Geats doomed as a people, based on the events of the final battle?
Beowulf’s best and bravest soldiers run when the dragon gets the upper hand in the battle.
A hero represents the values of a group of people. What does Beowulf represent?
Bravery, loyalty to men, fighting ability, generosity, kindness – all of these are listed in the final four lines of the poem.
What was Beowulf’s dying request to his men, and what does that tell you about him?
He requested that his ashes be buried in a big burial mound that will be seen by ships passing by as a monument to him. It shows us that even in death, Beowulf wants to remain famous, even in death.

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