Beowulf Characters/ Anglo- Saxon dates Flashcard Example #9790

a Danish king, Healfdane’s father
son of Edgetho, Higlac’s nephew and follower
beats Beowulf in a swimming contest
Unferth’s father
a Geat warrior who kills Ongentho, the Swedish king, and is given Higlac’s daughter as a reward
Beowulf’s father, a notable warrior married to Hrethel’s one daughter (Beowulf’s mother who is never named)
a Danish nobleman, high in the councils of King Hrothgar, and long his close and trusted friend. He is killed by Grendel’s mother
a Frisian king, married to Hnaf’s sister
a Danish princess, Hrothgar’s daughter. She is given in marriage to Ingeld, a Hathobard prince, in the vain hope of settling the feud between the two peoples.
cheif of the Hathobards, father of Ingeld
a man-eating monster who terrorizes the Danes until killed by Beowulf
a Danish prince, third son of Healfdane, younger brother of Hrothgar, and father of Hrothulf. He predeceased King Hrothgar by some twenty years/
a Danish king, Beo’s son and father of Hergar, Hrothgar and Halga
a prince of the Geats, Hrethel’s oldest son. He is killed in a hunting accident by his brother Hathcyn, and his necessarily unavenged death causes his father to die of grief
a historic Danish king or great military prowess combined with the lowest possible character
Higlac’s wife, Hareth’s daughter. Her name means “thoughtful” or “prudent”
king of the Geats, Hrethel’s son, Beowulf’s feudal lord and his uncle
a Danish king, killed by Finn; his sister was Finn’s wife
a king of the Geats, Higlac’s father, Beowulf’s grandfather
a Danish king, builder of Herot, and beneficiary of Beowulf’s courage
Halga’s son, Welthow says he is predicted to take over the Danish throne
Unferth’s ancient sword
a prince of the Hathobards, Froda’s son, married Freaw, the Danish princess
name of Beowulf’s sword
king of the Angles (British), husband and tamer of Thrith
a Swedish king, younger son of Ongentho, seized the Sweish throne after his older brother’s death and his brother’s sons fled to Herdred, the king of the Geats
a Swedish king, mighty in battle and obviously respected by the poet, kills Hathcyn, and was killed by a group of Geats lead by Higlac
Danish king, Beo’s father, Healfdane’s grandfather, Hrothgar’s great-grandfather, mythological
Offa’s wife, and a type of haughty, violent young woman very like Katherina in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew
one of Hrothgar’s coutiers, skillful with words and also a man of considerable reputation as a warrior. His sword is lent to Beowulf to fight Grendel’s mother
Hrothgar’s queen, many of her speeches are filled with tragic implications
a Geat warrior, more or less vaguely related to Beowulf, chosen to accompany Beowulf to the aged hero’s fight with the dragon, seems to have become king after Beowulf’s death
Wiglaf’s father
Hrothgar’s herald
date: King Arthur
date: Iona monastery founded
date: Augustine’s mission
date: Beowulf was composed
date: Bede
date: Alfred the great
date: Norman conquest

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