Beowulf Characters Flashcard Example #50608

Dane; good warrior king who established the ruling house in Denmark, father of Beow
Dane; father of Hrothgar
Dane; Hrothgar’s older brother
Dane; great Danish king who is afflicted by Grendel
Dane; Hrothgar’s younger brother
Swede; Swedish king
Danish; the great mead-hall of King Hrothgar that is struck by Grendel; means “Hall of the Hart” and represents the heart of the Danish community
(Dane?); brutal monster that terrorizes Heorot and the Danish community; may represent fear itself or fear of the unknown; may also be an outcast Dane
Geat; king of the Geats
Beowulf’s father
Dane; Hrothgar’s herald
Geat; father of Beowulf’s mother, Geatish king
Dane; Hrothgar’s nephew and thane; tries to verbally attack Beowulf in the mead-hall; later lends Hrunting to Beowulf
Geat; Beowulf’s friend who raced through the sea with Beowulf
Dane; Hrothgar’s wife; Queen of the Geats; successful peace-weaver
(Geat?), great warrior who killed a dragon in Sigemund’s Lay
(Geat?); Sigemund’s nephew who helped Sigemund in battle
Dane; old and betrayed Danish king who abused his power
Dane; Hrothgar’s nephew who is foreshadowed to later start a blood feud within the family which leads to the burning of Hall Heorot
Frisian; Frisian king
Dane; brother of Hildeburh; killed by Finn
Frisian/Dane; daughter of Danish king but wife of Finn; her brother, son, and husband were all killed and she was not successful as a peace-weaver
Dane; attacked the Frisians to avenge Hnaef*
Danes; Hrothgar’s and Wealhtheow’s two sons
Dane; minatory mother of Grendel who attacks Hall Heorot to gain revenge after her son’s death; represents revenge
Dane; one of Hrothgar’s best friends, advisors, and warriors who was slaughtered by Grendel’s Mother
(Dane?); the great sword that Unferth gave to Beowulf to help Beowulf kill Grendel’s Mother; however, the sword did not work
Geat; Geatish Queen and wife of Hygelac
(Geat?); a cruel queen who tortured her people but later transformed after marrying King Offa
(Geat?); brave and heroic king
Dane; Hrothgar’s daughter
Heathobard?; Freawaru’s husband
Geat; one of Beowulf’s warriors who was killed by Grendel
Geat; son of Hygelac and king after Hygelac’s death
(Geatish); a fearsome beast who greedily guards the treasure hoard that was abandoned by an ancient and forgotten race
Swede; Swedish king; father of Ohthere; killed Haethcyn; killed by Eofor
Geat; son of Hrethel, but killed by brother Haethcyn accidentally
Geat; son of Hrethel who accidentally killed Herebeald
Geat; husband of Hygelac’s daughter; brother of Wulf; killed Ongentheow
Geat; son of Weohstan who is the only one who does not abandon Beowulf against the dragon
(Geat?); Beowulf’s sword that fails against the dragon
Geat; brother of Eofor, fought Ongentheow

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