Beowulf Final Set Flashcard Example #36104

What is Beowulf’s vow to the Danes prior to his departure?
Beowulf vows that he will always protect the Danes from neighboring tribes that wish to wrong the group as others have done in the past. He will bring a thousand thanes and heroes to help in the battle. To Hygelac, Beowulf will bring a grove of grey-tipped spears and strength, To Hrethric, Beowulf’s new brother, he will find many friends when he wishes to come to the Geats.
Describe Hrothgar’s final words to Beowulf. What realization does the old king make?
He tells Beowulf that he has never encountered a man of Beowulf’s age that contains so much intelligence and strength. He states that if Hrethel was to die in battle, Beowulf would be the most appropriate choice to take over. Finally, Hrothgar says that as long as he is in power, the two countries will exchange wealth.
Describe Hygelac’s queen. How is she received by the Geats?
Hygelac’s queen is Hygd whom was young and wise, yet also discreet for living only a few years in the court. She gave out generous treasures, but as for how she was received, the Geats didn’t dare look at her unless they were the king. However, she employed well and was well liked for it. Also, she had much love for kings of heroes.
Describe Beowulf’s account of his adventures that he relates to his king, Hygelac.
Beowulf says that the meeting between was between him and Grendel alone and that he was the sole victor in the battle. He talks about the beauty of Heroet’s mead halls and the servant of the treasure cup, known as Hrothgar’s daughter.
Why might Ingeld and his followers be angry at seeing Beowulf’s ancestral armor and weapons?
Ingeld and his followers may be angry when seeing all the gifts that Beowulf has been given and the feasts dedicated to him because they receive no credit in their work to be victorious, instead Beowulf is given all the credit. For example, when discussing the battle with Grendel and with Grendel’s mother, Beowulf talks of only how and what he was successful with followed by the gifts he was granted following his success.
How does Hygelac reward Beowulf for his feats?
Golden treasures were laid in the lap of Beowulf, along with an estate of seven thousand hides, a chief’s stool and a hall. Most importantly, he received land from Hygelac.
Who is king after Hygelac? How does he die?
Hygelac was killed in battle. Following the king’s death, Heardred, his son was left to take the throne.
What large event happens fifty years into Beowulf’s reign?
The angry dragon appears and Beowulf must battle him.
Why did the slave steal from the dragon? What was his motivations?
The slave stole the golden treasure cup.
The slave when struck with fear felt it was necessary to take the cup, thus this was his motivation.
How did the dragon’s tower come to have so many riches?
The dragon resided in a location that another man had previously his his treasures in. When the man died, the dragon discovered the treasures buried and has continued to protect them since.
Describe how the dragon discovered the riches.
The dragon came upon the treasures accidentally.
What does Beowulf think has brought on the wrath of the dragon?
Beowulf is grief stricken when he discovers that the dragon has engulfed his home with flames after he is unable to find the stolen golden treasure cup. He then believes he is to blame for the wrath of the dragon because he angered the Lord by breath of ancient law.
Describe the dragon’s “hidden home”.
The dragon’s hidden home was covered by stones underground.
Why does Beowulf again recount the glory of day’s past before taking on a battle with the dragon?
Beowulf wants to boast and prove that he is strong enough and courageous enough to take on such a monster. He explains all that he has done and says that he will again achieve glory for his people. Yet, I also believe that Beowulf recounts these days to boost his own confidence.
How does Beowulf feel about his upcoming battle against the dragon?
His mood is strong, he feels he is prepared.
Why does Beowulf announce that he is going to face the dragon alone?
He believes that this affair is not for the other men, it is meant for Beowulf alone due to his strength. He announces that he will, “win this gold ; war otherwise shall take your king, terrible life’s bane.”
What do Beowulf’s men do as he is taking on the dragon?
The men flee to the wood to save their lives, Beowulf battles alone.
Identify Wiglaf
Wiglaf, Weoxstan’s son, feels that it is his duty to help his lord, Beowulf, because the warrior hand selected him and his partners. When the others flee, Wiglaf says he will help Beowulf battle the fiery dragon.
What prior battle experience has Wiglaf experienced?
Wiglaf was a Shylfing warrior who had lived with the Waegmundings. Not to mention, being around his father Weohstan gained him some experience.
Describe the effectiveness of Beowulf’s sword, Nagling.
The sword is ineffective considering it snaps when Beowulf is attempting to use it on the dragon.
Describe how Beowulf and Wiglaf join forces to slay the dragon.
Wiglaf ignored the upper half of the body and instead stabbed the dragon below. However, Beowulf also stabbed the dragon with a knife that he carried in his harness.
What is Beowulf’s dying wish?
Beowulf wishes for two things, the first being to give his battle garments to his own son. Second, he asked Wiglaf to show him the treasures obtained by the dragon such as drinking cups and battle armour.
How does Beowulf react when he sees the treasure?
He is thrilled and overly thankful to God.
What are his funeral instructions? Why?
Build him a tomb after fire on the land by the sea so that there is a reminder of him to his people. Also, so that ocean travelers will later name it after the warriors as their ships travel through over the sea.
After both Beowulf and the dragon are slain, how do Beowulf’s followers behave? What does Wiglaf say to them?
The weak men return from the woods, now acting as if they will be of assistance. Wiglaf says that too few of them returned to defend the king, Beowulf, thus he calls them a disgrace. He also says that, the receiving of treasures shall disappear, along with kingsman becoming wanderers when word of the flee becomes known.
According to the messenger who announces Beowulf’s death to his people, what might the Geats expect now from their enemie?
Attacks of war from enemies, such as the Frisians, the Swedish and the Franks now that Beowulf will no longer be able to protect them and the others know they are vulnerable.
Wiglaf decrees that all the treasure should be burned. What is his reason for this?
He believes that no man is worthy of the treasure other than Beowulf, instead it should all be burned instead of granting someone with something they are unworthy of.
What role does fate play in Beowulf’s demise, according to Wiglaf?
Wiglaf tells the people that it was by fate that Beowulf was killed
What do the Geats do with the dragon’s body?
They chose to rid of the dragon’s body as quickly as possible by pushing it over a cliff into the water, letting the waves take him.
Describe Beowulf’s funeral pyre.
The funeral pyre was just as Beowulf had wished, there were shiny metal coats, shields and helmets all hung upon the pyre. On top of the mound, the men then constructed a huge fire that black wood-smoke arose from. Finally, they build a large memorial for the fallen leader.
What is the role of the twelve horsemen who surround Beowulf’s monument?
They are to remember the warrior’s legacy as a hero and a king through storytelling and singing. In addition, they are to protect what is inside of the tomb such as torques and jewels.

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