Beowulf Flashcard Example #13854

What keeps the dagger from piercing Beowulfs shirt?
The divine intervention of God who sends him victory
Beowulf says ” Lord might think less of me if I let my sword/ go where my feet were afraid to, if I hid/ behind some broad linden shield.” which sentence is the best paraphrase of these lines?
Beowulf would not be heroic if used weapons to help him fight.
Which statement about Wiglaf is true?
He makes an eloquent speech about the virtues of loyalty and bravery
In Beowulfs fight to the death with Grendels mother, what saves his life?
His woven mail shirt.
Beowulf slays Grendel in order to
Save Hrothgar and Danes from the monster
What last thoughts does Beowulf express as he is dying?
A desire for respect and pride in his ability to protect his people
Beowulf decides to battle Grendel with his bare hands because
Beowulf wishes to prove his bravery
Wiglaf reminds the cowardly warriors of the oaths of loyalty they
As they boasted and drank in the mead hall
Who survives Grendel’s attack before Beowulf appears
Those who flee the kingdom
Evidence of the influence of the Christian ethic on Angelo Saxton literature appears early in the story of Beowulf. Before we meet the epic hero, the poet speaks of
All of the above
Beowulfs dying wish is
For a tower by the sea to be built in his honor so that sailors may know of his name
What was the effect of Beowulf having killed the nine monsters
The sea was made safe for ships crossing in an area where before they could not go
The following are all examples of alliteration except
Crunch on our bones
What turn of event lets us know that Beowulfs battle against evil has not ended?
Grendel’s mother kills and carries of Hrothgars closest friend
What mistake does Grendel’s mother made in the fight?
She takes Beowulf to a hall where about being burned by the flames of the lake or attacked by monsters
Further evidence that Beowulf is the true hero exists in his choice to fight Grendel hand to hand. Why would a weapon do no good?
Grendel has bewitched man made weapons and no one can touch him
How does Beowulf will kill Grendel?
He pulls the monsters entire arm off at the shoulder, and Grendel bleeds to death
What happens immediately after Grendel ditches at Beowulf with his claws?
Grendel himself is instantly
Why is herot still “deserted and useless when the man/ hangs in skies the sun had lit”?
Because Grendel stalks herot at night
What is the effect of the Danes of Beowulfs offer to try to kill Grendel?
They have a banquet at which hey sing and make marry with the geats
All of the following are examples of alliterations except
“She called a floury cup/to Hrothgars fast”
With what does Beowulf kill Grendels mother
A magic sword from the wall of the hall
Which of the following does the poet probably mean when he uses the kenning “sin-stained” demons to demonstrate Grendel?
Grendels sin is the stain of all murders since the time of Cain
If you wanted to support the idea that Beowulf is an epic hero, you might that he
Displays intense pride in his antry
The poem suspects that Grendel goes to the hall the first line?
Out of curiosity
What inheritance does Beowulf want returned to hug lag is he should die?
Sword and armor
Why is beowulfs quest for fame not considered a flaw in his character?
Anglo-Saxons believed that fame acquired in service of good or through loyalty for a leader was an honorable quest
Hrothgar did not expect to be king of Danes. How did he inherit the throne?
Healfdanes oldest son, iferger, died and made hrothgar the heir
Beowulfs speech concerning the outcome of his impending confrontation with Grendel gives us insight into how Beowulf views God. What kind of God Beowulf worship?
In many lines, Grendel and his deeds are associated with?
darkness and night
Which of the following quotations best illustrates Beowulfs role as an epic hero?
Lucky or not, 9 was the number/ of sea-huge monsters. I killed what man,/ anywhere under heavens high orch m? He’s fought in such darkness…
How is hrothgars reaction to murders Grendel commits in lead with Anglo Saxon concept of law and order?
Hrothgar loves his mean and cries because they are dead
Which kenning refers to a king throughout the epic poem?
Ring giver
Which is not an example of the poets vivid imagery?
Which event is the most important part of Beowulfs epic journey?
His attack on the dragon that is destroying the land of the geats
All the following names are given to Grendel during the course of the battle except
Shepherd of evil
Guardian of crime
What image does the fiery lake evoke?
What pieces of armor fail beowulf?
His dagger and helmet
What saves Beowulf from many wounds?
His ring-woven Mail shirt
Though Beowulf fights the dragon because it threatens his people, what does he plan to do with the treasure the dragon hoards?
He plans for his people to use its wealth
What idea do you think the poet wants to evoke with the line “… She welcomed him in her claws”?
She was just waiting for the opportunity to get hold of Beowulf since he killed her son
The poet implies that the monster Grendel is aroused in his liar by the
Rejoicing associated with the beauty and lifh of creation, occurring in Hrothgars hall
What last thoughts does Beowulf express as he is dying?
Fear that the kingdom of the Geats will fall apart after he dies
When you paraphrase a text you-
Keep the authors intent but use your own words
The most vivid symbolism deals with good versus evil. What particular significance is attached to grendels avoidance of Hrothgars throne?
Hrothgars throne is protected by god
What does the image use to describe the dragon in the following lines associate him with?
Snake or serpent
With one brave warriors exception, what happens to all the other men whom Beowulf has brought with him?
They run into the forest as cowards
How has hrothgar made peace with the wulfings for Beowulfs father edgetho?
Hrothgar sent treasures by ship
In their swimming race, Beowulf and breccia swim side by side for 5 days. How are they separated?
A flood
What do the following lines suggest? “…Grendel came again so set on murder that no crime could ever be enough.” “How the monster relished his savage war on the Danes. Keeping the bloody feud alive.” “No savage assault (could) quench his lust for evil.”
Grendel is addicted to murder

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