Beowulf Flashcard Example #3149

What person is an epic told in? and what tone?
3rd person in formal diction and serious tone
What is the plot of an epic and what is the setting?
plot is complicated by supernatural beings or events and may involve a long and dangerous journey through foreign lands and the setting is in scope ususally involving more than one nation.
What are two elements of an epic
reflect timeless values such as good and evil or life and death. hero is on a quest
What is an epic hero? (3)
noble birth, powerful, has traits that reflect the ideals of society actions determine fate of a nation
What is the name ofthe mead hall? what are the men doing that makes grendel mad?
Harot. the men are singing and rejoicing about god’s creation ofthe earth
Who are grendels parents and what did they do?
parents are related to caine who killed his brother abel
Who is Hrothgar?
danish king
How does Grendel terrorize the mead hall? How long has hte terror lasted?
12 years. He comes at night and smashes the bodies and eats them
Why dont Hrothgar’s men challenge grendel?
they are scared of grendel because he is to evil and fierce
What code of Anglo-Saxon behavior does Grendel break in lines 70-73?
weregild (avenging a death) Grendel owes them something for repayment of the deaths
Why doesnt Grendel touch Hrothgar’s throne?
because it was protected by God and Gods love (christian theme)
What tribe is Beowulf from? Who is Higlec?
the geats. Higlacis king of geats and beowulfs uncle
What epic qualities does beowulf have? Who does he bring with him to Denmark?
1. he is the strongest person in the world 2. the 14 mightiest men he could find
Who is Beowulfs father?
How is herot described?
covered with hammered god and glowing in the sun. it was majestic and most famous of all dwellings. a sacred place
What is Beowulf wearing when he meets Hrothgar? How is he described in the elevated
Wearing a mail shirt (woven medel protect from swords) and wearing helmets. “hail Hrothgar” none talks like taht
In lines 245-255 Beowulf makes a vaunt when he boats of his credentials. Why is he qualified to kill grendel?
slayed 5 giants, haunting monsters killing them all killed many enemies, he isnt going to use hit sword
Beowulf announces that he will fight Grendel without using a sword. Why?(3) what heroic qualities does he display here?
not going to because his uncle would think he was cowardly, grendel isnt using a sword and no weapons and using hand and hand fighting to the death is more combat like
How does Beowulf face his fate in classic epic hero fashion?
anglo saxon idea about fate
Find to reference to pagan influences in the poem and two that demonstrate Christian influence. Examples?
pagan- 281 death 284- fate 310-but fate that might
What happens when grendel arrives in the mead hall that night? before fight
he says its the last time Grendel is going to be killing danes
How doe the poet forshadow Grendel’s death?
fate the gredel will die (309-311)
What kenning does the author use to describe both Grendel and Beowulf?
Beowulf- strong-hearted, wakeful sleeper. Grendel- shepard of evil and garden of crime
At the beginning ofthe poem the sounds of the signing of creation could be heard. What soundsare heard throughout Herot now?
no more sorrow or grief
How is beowulf described as an epic hero after the fight?
he is the mighty pretector of men and of all men on earth he is the strongest
How do Beowulf’s men uphold comitatus when they leap to his aid? Why cant Beowulf’s men help him kill Grendel?
Comitatus (loyalty) tried to help him but grendel stopped them from helping because he bewitched their weapons
explain the kennings and the christian elements on page 34-35
might protector of men, almighty enemy, hells captive. grendel is being punished b/c of his feud with God. Beowulf captures him and squeeze him till him muscles split
How does Beowulf hurt grendel? where does grendel go to die?
ripped his arm off. he goes to his den in a marsh under the mead hall
What is Beowulfs battle trophy? grendel fight
hangs the arm of grendel high from the rafters along with his claw and shoulder.
Look at lines 420-421. How does this description of Grendel’s background differ from what we learned earlier in the poem?
at begining we hear he is offspring of caine and now we hear he has no father
What might this inconsitency demonstrat about hte weaving of Christian and pagan influences in the poem?
people telling it orally so some details are changed. Person who wrote it down . 1st part- christian 2nd part not christian
What does Hrothgar offer Beowulf to protect the danes again?
gold and ancient treasure
At the battle with grendels mother, How does beowulf, as their lord, demonstrate comitatus toward his men?
He says if he dies send treasure to Higlac but also men will need protection so take care of them
What is the name of Beowulf’s sword?
Summarize when Beowulf battles with Grendel’s mother. What kenning is used for Grendel’s mother?
greedy she wolf, mighty water witch. she picked him up with her nails but the mail shirt protected him. it took hours for him to swim down to her. his sword fails him b/c her skin is so evil. he defeats her by beheading her with a magic sword
How does Beowulfs desire for fame help him in his battle with Grens mother?
it gives him motivation
How is his fight with her more diffucult than his fight with Grendel?
shes angry her son died, and his sword wont work
How does Beowulf kill grendels mother?
kills her with magic sword and beheads her
How does Beowulf get his final revenge on grendel? What trohy does B bring Hrothgar after his battle with G’s mother?
cuts off grendels head b/c he had killed so many people. for proof
What is the response of hte danes and the geats when beowulf has not yet returned form his water quest?
danes leave. give up and have no faith in beowulf
geates- do have faith and wait for him
What happens when the “protector of all seamen”returns form the marsh? describe the waythey carry grendels head back to herot. what aspect of the warrior code are they exhibiting?
they thank God shows danes they should have more faith and took four of his men to carry the head (proof)
what is Beowulfs mood when he thinks about fighting the dragon?
even though he is old he still has a stoic attitude. He is confident. Its his job and he will do it
The last battle. How is Beowulf an epic hero. and why is it important for Beowulf to get the dragons treasure?
he knows that he is stronger/greater than everyone else. treasure symbolizes winning and sign of bravery.
Specifically explain what happens and how doe sthe poet evoke sympathy for beowulf? (last battle)
he is being defeated by the dragon and the sword failed him and all of his followers left but 1. he knows he is going to die 1st time in life fate was against him
How does beowulf face his wyrd in this section? final battle
he still tries to kill the dragon. follow code of honor to the end
What is the comment on the comitatus bond? (last battle)
they all abandon him when he needed them
how does the mens abandoning beowulf heighten the tragedy of the scene?
he will die alone and no one will avenge his death. he is fighting for them but they dont support him. break code( leave because they are scared)
Who is wiglaf? analyze his speech?
wiglaf is the guy who stayed with Beowulf. he is mad they all agreed when he needed them they would be their for him. how can you go back home and face everyone and yourself
how is this scene differenent from beowulfs battle with grendel?
he wins and his men helped him
What does beowulfs last request to wiglaf after they have killed the dragon continue to reveal about his motivation?
bring the treasure that the dragons guarding he wants the fame that comes along with it. he will go down in history
What are Beowulfs last words? what do they mean?
“i sold my life for this treasure and i sold it well” he knew that it was worth it to die that way
What are beowulfs last requests? why does he want a memorial?
a memorial tower and buld it right at the edge of the water. its a remembrance of him and he beats his fate
What is beowulfs last act of comitatus to Wiglaf?
gave him his helmet, rings, and his mail shirt and ordered him to use them well
The farewell: what is beowulfs legacy?
built tower twelve of geats men ride horses around tower and talk about his greatness
What does this passage suggest about the future of the geats? (the farewell)
future of geats is in jepordy b/c they only have 1 true warrior left (wiglaf)

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