Beowulf Vocabulary Flashcard Example #56644

Disconsolate(adj) disconsolateness(noun)
disconsolate; Synonym: despair

Definition: without consolation or solace Sentence: The disconsolate Seafarer quickly left land when no more was to be received.

Solace(noun) Solace(verb)
solace; Synonym: alleviation

Definition: comfort; relief Sentence: The lonely wife believes she cannot find solace.

Reparation(noun) Reparative(adjective) Repertory(adjective)
reparation Synonym: payment

Definition: something making up for a wrong or an injury Sentence: The wife will likely destroy and easily persuade his husband to pay his reparation.

Purge(verb) Purger(noun)
purge; Antonym: dirtying

Definition: purify; cleanse Sentence: The Seafarer, who left his homeland, hopes to comeback and purge his homeland one day.

Writhing (adjective) Writher (noun)
writhing; Synonym: squirming

Definition: making twisting or turning motions Sentence: The wife’s writhing heart will heal and mold in a long time.

Massive (adjective) Massiveness(noun) Massively(adverb)
massive; Antonym: small

Definition: big and solid; bulky Sentence: The soldiers massive wounds, which was from the war, can get affected.

Loathsome(adjective) Loathsomely(adverb) Loathsomeness(noun)
loathsome; Antonym: delightful

Definition: disgusting Sentence: The wife finds his husband loathsome.

affliction; Synonym: ordeal

Definition: a state of pain, distress, or grief; misery Sentence: The soldier, who lost his comrades in battle, is in affliction.

Consoled(verb) Consolable(adj) Consoler (noun) Consolingly(adverb)
consoled; Antonym: sadden

Definition: to alleviate or lessen the grief Sentence: Only time and patient will quickly consoled the wife’s pain.

spawn; Synonym: hatch

Definition: to produce Sentence: The soldier slowly spawned memories of his comrades.

funerary; Synonym: burial

Definition: of or pertaining to a funeral or burial Sentence: The battle, which took many lives, was a funerary at first sight.

Moored(verb) moory(adj) Moore(verb)
moored; Antonym: loosen

Definition: to secure in particular place as by cables and anchors or by lines
Sentence: The Seafarer saw his ship was moored by multiple anchors.

Spoils (verb) spoilable(adj)
spoils; Synonym: pillage

Definition: to damage severely or harm, especially with reference to its excellence, value, usefulness, etc.
Sentence: The wife’s mind was severely spoiled by her exile.

Commemoration(noun) commemorational(adj)
noncommemoration(n) noncommemorational(adj)
commemoration; Antonym: unobservant

Definition: a service, celebration, etc., in memory of some person or event.
Sentence: The soldier will return to the battlefield as a commemoration for his comrades.

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