Beowulf vocabulary Flashcard Example #76391

Definition: marked by good judgement
In Beowulf: “And a young prince must be prudent like that…” (20)
Example: It was prudent for John to keep his mouth shut while he was being scolded by his mother.
Definition: To cause distress
In Beowulf: “It harrowed him to hear the din of the loud banquet / every day in the hall…” (87)
Example: It harrowed Tyler to see that his dog had been brutally shot
Definition: skilled; expert
In Beowulf: “…with fourteen others the warrior boarded the boat as captain, a canny pilot along coast and currents.” (207-209)
Example: The canny doctor was able to pull of a procedure that had a 70 percent fatality rate
Definition: not giving way to fear; fearless
In Beowulf: “Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked.” (572)
Example: Despite the number of horror movies Maria watched, she was undaunted.
Definition: eager, interested, enthusiastic
In Beowulf: “The fact is, Unferth, if you were truly as keen or courageous as you claim to be Grendel would never have got away with such unchecked atrocity, attacks on your king, havoc in Heorot and horrors everywhere.” (590-592)
Example: Kevin was very keen on playing soccer as he practiced every day for two hours.
Definition: Cause of chaos or distress
In Beowulf: “The bane of the race of men roamed forth, hunting for a prey in the high hall.” (711)
Example: Global warming is the bane to our civilization
Definition: causing hatred
In Beowulf: “…Pacing the length of the patterned floor with his loathsome tread, while a baleful light…” (725-726)
Example: Erica was very loathsome as she made very ignorant comments
Definition: to attack; by scratching and tearing
In Beowulf: “…he grabbed and mauled a man on his bench, bit into his bone-lappings, bolted down his blood and gorged on him in lumps…” (740-741)
Example: The rottweiler viciously mauled into the thief’s arms, tearing his skin off.
Definition: to handcuff someone
In Beowulf: “He was overwhelmed, manacled tight by the man who of all men was foremost and strongest in the days of this life.” (787-788)
Example: The robber was manacled by the officer
Definition: valiant; strong and courageous
In Beowulf: “Stalwart in action, they kept striking out on every side, seeking to cut straight to the soul.” (797-798)
Example: The stalwart knight courageously slayed the dragon with her life at risk
Definition: Deserving public shame; despicable
In Beowulf: “His fatal departure was regretted by no-one who witnessed his trail, the ignominious marks of his flight where he’d skulked away, exhausted in spirit and beaten in battle…” (842-845)
Example: Sarah’s impertinent behavior at the party was very ignominious
Definition: An accomplishment that requires courage, skill or strength
In Beowulf: “He told what he’d heard repeated in songs about Sigemund’s exploits, all of those many feats and marvels, the struggles and wanderings of Wael’s son…” (872-874)
Example: He told me many stories of his feats. One of them was about how he got 1st place in tennis by practicing every day.
Definition: a stockpile of money or valuables, usually hidden or guarded
In Beowulf: “After his death Sigemund’s glory grew and grew because of his courage when he killed the dragon, the guardian of the hoard.” (884-847)
Example: “It was year 3,012 where Earth was ending and food was scarce. To stay alive, Samantha hoarded an endless supply of food.”
Definition: expensive-looking
In Beowulf: “The harness of one included a saddle of sumptuous design…” (1036-1037)
Example: The chocolate-mouse was very sumptuous as it was garnished in dark chocolate, despite only costing $2.00
Definition: Beaten out or shaped by hammering
In Beowulf: “and Hengest’s men the wrought-gold rings” (1093)
Example: Xiao-Wei’s bracelet was wrought from gold
Definition: To think deeply about negative things
In Beowulf: “Grendel’s mother, monstrous hell-bride, brooded on her wrongs.” (1258-1259)
Example: Jack laid on his bed and brooded after being grounded by his parents
Definition: excessively greedy (usually pertaining to food)
In Beowulf: “Quickly the one who haunted those waters, who had scavenged and gone her gluttonous rounds for a hundred seasons…” (1497-1498)
Example: Brandon was so gluttonous that he would eat until his stomach would hurt
Definition: inheriting a great deal of respect especially because of wisdom, age or character
In Beowulf: “Then the gold hilt was handed over to the old lord, a relic from long ago for the venerable ruler” (1678-1680)
Example: The venerable sorceress defeated many foes, for her wisdom in magic was plentiful.
Definition: Female parent of an animal
In Beowulf: “The hell-dam Grendel’s motherwas in panic” (1292)
Example: The dam of her puppies fed her children
Definition: Remedy or correct
In Beowulf: “It was easy for the Lord, the Ruler of Heaven, to redress the balance once Beowulf…” (1554-1555)
Example: To redress for his actions, he paid $200 in compensation for wrecking his brother’s car.

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