Beowulf Vocabulary Words Flashcard Example #96008

disconsolate (adjective)
disconsolately (adverb)
disconsolation (noun)
without consolation or comfort
Synonym: Unhappy
Sentence: The wife from “the Wife’s lament” grew disconsolate as she didn’t hear from her husband.
consoled (adjective)
consolation (noun)
console (verb)
comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment
Synonym: comfort
Sentence:The wife from “the Wife’s lament” tried to console herself from her exile by weeping.
reparation (noun)
reparative (adjective)
making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged
Synonym: amend
Sentence: The kinsman from “the Wife’s Lament” made a reparation that the wife would be exiled with her husband.
writhing (adjective)
writhe (verb)
making twisting or turning motions
Synonym: squirming
Sentence: The writhing waves stayed at one place as the ship tried to move on from “the Wanderer”
solace (noun)
comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness
Synonym: relief
Sentence: The wife from “the Wife’s Lament” found solace in nature.
purge (verb)
of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release
Synonym: cleanse
Sentence: Religion had helped purge the man from “the Wanderer” of the terrible guilt that had haunted him.
spawn (verb)
come into being
Synonym: give rise to
Sentence: Throughout the three elegies, religion gave a spawn to their revelation.
funerary (adjective)
funeral (noun)
relating to a funeral or the commemoration of the dead
Synonym: Tradition
Sentence: All three elegies did not include any funerary scenes because no one was portrayed as being dead.
affliction (noun)
something that causes pain or suffering
Synonym: disorder
Sentence: The wife from “the Wife’s Lament” lost her home and is now learning to live with her affliction.
moored (adjective)
moor (verb)
make fast (a vessel) to the shore or to an anchor
Synonym: secure
Sentence: The man’s boat was moored to the pier in “the Seafarer”.


spoils (noun)
goods stolen or taken forcibly from a person or place
Synonym: Plunder
Sentence: The citizens carried the King’s spoils away in “the Wanderer”
commemoration (noun)
commemorate (verb)
recall and show respect for (someone or something) in a ceremony
Synonym: celebrate
Sentence: The festival of giving riches commemorates the town’s values from “the Wanderer”.
loathsome (adjective)
loathsomely (adverb)
loathsomeness (noun)
causing hatred or disgust; repulsive
Synonym: hate
Sentence: The wife from “the Wife’s Lament” should’ve have had a loathsome feeling towards the kinsman, but instead she just accepted her fate.

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