Chapter 12 Practice (Exam) Flashcard Example #68824

The pitch of a musical sound depends on the sound waves
The loudness of a musical sound is a measure of the sound waves
A general rule for estimating the distance in kilometers b/t an observer and a lightening bolt is to count the number of seconds b/t seeing the lightening and hearing it, and dividing by
The beat frequency produced when a 240 Hz tuning fork and a 246 Hz tuning fork are sounded together is
6 Hz
In which one of these media does sound travel the fastest
A 340 Hz sound waves travels 340 m/s in air with wavelength of
1 m
In the case of radio, which has the higher frequency?
carrier wave
The phenomenon of beats results from sound
Some singers have been said to shatter a crystal chandelier shatter with their voice. This is a demonstration of
The natural frequency of an object depends on its
size, shape and elasticity
The wavelengths of sound that carry farther in air are relatively
In perceiving its environment, a dolphin makes use of
Doppler effect, echoes, and ultrasound
When the speed of sound near the ground is greater than it is at higher altitudes, the sound tends to be bent
A wave having a frequency of 1000 Hertz vibrates at
1000 cycles per second
Sound waves cannot travel in
A vaccum
Compressions and rare fractions are characteristics of
Longitudinal Wave
The approximate range of human hearing is
20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
A sound source of high frequency emits a high
If at a concert you run toward the orchestra, the frequency of the sound you hear will be
A source of continuous sound approaches a constant speed, you will be aware of an apparent increasing of its
none of the choices are correct
A jet traveling at 1500 km/hr passes between observers A & B. In short time a sonic boom will be heard by
Observers A and B, but not the pilot
A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing the anchor chain every 5 sec. The skipper estimates the distance b/t crests is 15 m. What is the speed of the water waves?
3 m/s
A floating object oscillates up and down 2 complete cycles in 1 sec as water wave of wavelength 5 m passes by. The speed of the wave is
10 m/s
If you double the frequency of a vibrating object, its period
For light, a red shift indicates that the light source is moving
Away from you
Which of the following is not a transverse wave?
A common source of wave motion is a
Vibrating Object
The frequency of the second hand on a clock is
1/60 Hz
A floating leaf oscillates up and down two complete cycles in 1 sec as a water wave passes by. The waves wavelength is 10 m. What is the waves speed?
20 m/s
If waves are going by at the same speed, the wave with the greatest period of oscillation is the wave that has he greatest
None of them
The source of a sonic boom
May or may not be an emitter of sound
A doppler effect occurs when a source of sound moves
Either towards you or away from you
An observer on the ground hears a sonic boom which is created by an airplane flying at a speed
Greater than the speed of sound
If the frequency of a certain wave is 10 Hz, its period is
.1 second
How many vibrations per sec are associated with s 101-MHz radio wave?
An object that completes 20 vibrations in 10 sec has a frequency of
2 Hertz
Wave interference occurs for
Water waves, light waves, and sound waves

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