Chapter 3 Animal Farm: Comprehension Questions Flashcard Example #1708

What role do the pigs play in the harvest?
The pigs are in charge of the animals and direct and supervise the animals’ work.
Why does everyone admire Boxer?
Boxer was a hard worker even in Jones’s time, but now he seemed more like three horses than one. He would put extra volunteer work into his his day, and woke up early to do so.
How is the happiness of the animals described?
They are so joyful that Jones had left. They are proud to be working together for the common cause and be able to own the product of their work.
What does the flag of Animal Farm look like?
A green tablecloth that had a white painted hoof and a horn.
What is the first sign that Snowball and Napoleon will never be able to get along?
Snowball and Napoleon will never get along because they were the most active in the debates. They always argue and oppose each other’s plans and ideas.
How does Snowball attempt to bring order to the farm?
Snowball organized the other animals into Animal Committees: Egg Production Committee (for the hens), Clean Tales League (for the cows), the Wild Comrades’ Re-education committee (the object of this was to tame the rats and rabbits), the Whiter Wool Movement (for the sheep), and various others.
To what maxim does Snowball reduce the commandments?
“Two legs good, four legs bad”
What does Napoleon do to educate the young?
Napoleon took the young puppies and kept them isolated from the farm, and the rest of the farm forgot about their existence.
How do the pigs provide for themselves before the others?
The pigs take the harvested apples and the milk for themselves.
How does Squealer rationalize (explain) the privileged position of the pigs to the others?
Squealer states that most of the pigs dislike milk and apples but are doing it to preserve their health; he said that the pigs needed to stay in good health in order to govern the farm.
How does Squealer use fear tactics to keep the animals under control?
Squealer states that the pigs must be in good health to operate the farm or Jones and his men might come back. The animals obeyed, for they did not want Jones to return.
What role does Squealer assume?
Squealer assumes the role of the speaker, the messenger of the pigs. He would announce any new rules or news to the other animals.
What is Boxer’s motto? What does his motto reflect?
Boxer’s motto became “I will work harder”. This motto reflects his personality as a hard worker. He doesn’t question anything and faithfully follows the new government of the pigs.
What did the Revolutionary Russia flag look like?
Red flag with a hammer and a sickle
What does the hammer represent on the flag of Revolutionary Russia?
The hammer represents the workers – proletariat.
What does the sickle represent on the flag of Revolutionary Russia?
The sickle represents the farmers.
What does the red represent on the flag of Revolutionary Russia?
The color red represents the color of blood, which refers to the cost of fighting for freedom.
What does the color green on the flag of Animal Farms represent?
The color green represents the color of the fields and the grass.
What else did Snowball do to improve the lives of animals?
Snowball also instituted classes in writing and reading because the animals were ignorant and illiterate.
Why did the harvest present a problem?
The animals were not able to use the farming implements and tool with their hoof and trotters. So they had to do things differently and rely on themselves instead of the machinery.

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