Chapter 5 questions animal farm Flashcard Example #79895

What happens to Mollie? Explain.
She was being patted by a human and wearing ribbons, then they never saw her again.
Compare snowballs and Napoleon’s techniques for gathering support
Snowball won by his speeches and Napoleon was better at convassing support for himself in between Times.
Explain snowballs detailed plan for the placements of the windmill. Where did snowball get his ideas?
Small knoll at the highest point of the farm. He declared that it would be made to operate dynamo and supply the farm with electrical power. From the books
What is Napoleon’s reaction to snowballs windmill idea?
He disagreed
On what topic are the animals divided?
The topic of the windmill
How do Napoleon and snowball differ in their ideas of defense of the farm?
Napoleon wants to get firearms and snowball wants a bigger team
What happens to snowball at the night he announces his plans for the windmill?
He gets chased by the dogs and was never seen again.
What does Napoleon remove from the Sunday morning ritual? What is his explanation? Who will make all major decisions?
The Sunday morning rituals meeting come to an end. The explanation was that it was unnecessary and a waste of time. The pigs will make decisions.
Infer why the animals are hesitant to speak out about Napoleon announcement.
They were scared of the dogs
What does squealer threaten may happen if the pigs, especially Napoleon, are not given leader ship?
Jones would come back
What 2 maxims does boxer adopt?
“Napoleon is always right” and “I will work harder”
How are Sunday mornings changing for the animals?
After the flag, they passed old major skulls, would no longer sit together, they want once and took orders
How does squealer justify Napoleon decision to build the windmill?
He said that all along it was actually his idea and snowball stole it. He was only waiting to get snowball out of the way so there would not be trouble
Infer why Napoleon finally changed his mind about building the windmill.
He didn’t give any reason
Which one of the seven commandments are no longer in effect
All animals are equal

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