Combo with “Beowulf Study guide” and 1 other Flashcard Example #66302

What does Grendel do when he first goes to Herot?
He kills 30 men
2. What is Beowulf’s plan for fighting Grendel?
Hand to Hand
3. How does Grendel die?
Beowulf rips of his arm
4. Describe the battle with Grendel’s mother.
Under water cave, Sword won’t work finds a stronger sword and cuts of her head
5. What two things does Beowulf present to Hrothgar?
Helt and Grendel’s head
6. What happens to Beowulf during his fight with the dragon?
7. Find 2 different lines that are examples of alliteration. Write the line below, as well as the line number from your book.
835 far-flung family, 714 was Wiglaf, he was Wexstan’s son
8. Find 2 kennings. Write them below, explain what they stand for, and write the line numbers.
79 man-kind enemy, 104 healf danes son.
9. Find 1 line that has an example of internal rhyme. Write out the line and line numbers.
717 How his king was suffering, burning remembering.
10. Find 1 example of a caesura. Write out the line and the line numbers.
2 in the darkness, growled in pain, impatient
11. How does Beowulf fit the definition of an epic hero?
Triumphs over evil, stronger than normal, takes a voyage, loyal to his people
13. Find and summarize a description of a place or setting. Explain what makes the description so effective.
Marsh, it is hell on earth, descriptive words
14. What can you infer about Anglo-Saxon life and beliefs from the poem? Choose 3 details to support your answer.
Catholic and Pagan ideas. Glory and honor, loyal, bravery
15. Describe Grendel’s lair. How does it compare to Herot?
Dark, slimy, misty. Grendal’s layer
16. Why does Grendel’s mother attack Herot? What does she take with her?
Taking revenge and took his arm back
17. Describe the lake where the monsters live.
Deep dark and terrible
18. Describe how Beowulf becomes the king of the Geats.
Uncle higlat dies then his(uncle) son dies
19. What do Beowulf’s followers do when he is losing? What does Wiglaf do?
Run away, stays and fights
20. What does Wiglaf say to Beowulf’s followers?
You all left him in his time of need
21. What is Beowulf’s final request? How is he honored?
Take the treasures and build me a monument and a funeral pyre.
12. How does the poem, Beowulf, fit the definition of an epic poem?
It is a long narrative story show what the people valued, part truth and part legend, good concurs evil
A phrase used to replace a concrete noun
“whale road” for ocean
“word hoard” for a well spoken person
A natural pause or break in the middle of a line of poetry
…they could see the gables/ Of Herot, covered with hammered gold/ And glowing in the sun – that most famous of all dwellings…
Nouns or pronouns with modifiers that identify, explain, or rename other nouns or pronouns to provide information about the characters and setting
Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic church, lives at the Vatican.
Mrs. Perry, teacher of cool kids, loves her job.
Repetition of sound at the beginning of words
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
when was beowulf written
1000 AD
Where was it written
Who wrote it?
What genre of literature is Beowulf?
epic poem
What is the original language of the manuscript?
Old English
Characteristics of the Epic Poem
long narrative poem about the deeds of a hero
Characteristics of the Epic Hero
someone who embodies loyalty, devotion, and fortitude

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