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What does Amir say happened to him at the age of twelve?
He watched Hassan get raped and didn’t do anything.
Compare and contrast the type of homes Amir and Hassan live in.
Amir lives in a mansion, while Hassan lives in a shack off of Amir’s house.
Who is Rahim Khan?
Rahim Khan is Baba’s business partner and best friend.
What happened to Amir’s mother?
Amir’s mother died in childbirth.
What happened to Hassan’s mother?
Hassan’s mother left him with Ali five days after he was born.
Ali is Baba’s servant, life-long friend, and Hassan’s father. He had polio as a child that left him with a twisted, atrophied right leg that is sallow skin over bone with little in between except a paper-thin layer of muscle. He walks with a limp and his lower facial muscles were paralyzed so he is unable to smile. Ali is a quiet shy man. He was an orphan that was taken in by Baba’s father and Baba and Ali have been great friends and grew up together.
What is phyiscally odd about Hassan?
His cleft lip.
What did Amir’s father build during Amir’s early childhood?
An orphanage.
Amir’s father says there is only one sin in the world. What is it?
What favorite pastime does Amir have that his father just can’t stand?
How did Amir’s family come to know Ali?
Amir’s father is friends with Ali and hired him and Hassan as their servants.
What prompts Amir to write his first story?
The shooting that took place in Chapter 5.
How does Hassan act in the weeks following the kite fighting tournament?
He tries to regain his friendship with Amir.
Describe Amir’s relationship with his father after winning the tournament.
Amir’s relationship with his father changed because his father was proud of him for winning the tournament.
What did Amir say as he lay awake in the room of sleeping relatives in Jalalabad?
He says aloud that he watched Hassan get raped.
How does Hassan try to rekindle his relationship with Amir?
He tries to get Amir to play with him again like they used too.
Amir and his father are enjoying their new relationship until Amir asks him a question that angers him. What is this question?
Amir asks Baba if he would ever consider new servants.
What occurs between Amir and Hassan at the top of the hill in the cemetery?
Amir throws pomegranates at Hassan.
Describe Amir’s birthday party.
Baba invites more than 400 people to the party.
Why does Amir get so angry when his father refers to Assef as Assef Jan?
He doesn’t think Assef is worthy to be called that.
What gift does Assef give Amir for his birthday?
Once Amir is alone he opens the gift, a biography of Hitler, which he throws away.
What story does Rahim tell Amir on his birthday?
The girl was a Hazara. They would meet secretly at night and imagine a life together. But when Rahim Khan told his father, his father became enraged and sent the girl and her family away. Rahim Khan says it was for the best. His family’s rejection of her would have been too painful in the long run.
What do Hassan and Ali give Amir for his birthday?
It is a new version of Shahnamah, the book of stories Amir would read to Hassan.
What does Amir do to get Ali and Hassan in trouble?
The morning after, Amir waits for Hassan and Ali to leave. He takes his birthday money and a watch that Baba gave him and puts them under Hassan’s mattress. He tells Baba that Hassan stole them, and when Ali and Hassan return, Baba asks Hassan if he stole the money and the watch. To Amir’s surprise, Hassan says he did. Amir realizes Hassan saw him in the alley, and he knew also that Amir was setting him up now. Baba forgives Hassan, but Ali says they must leave. Baba pleads with him to stay, but Ali refuses. It rains when Ali and Hassan leave, and Amir watches from inside as they go.
How does Amir’s father react when Ali quits?
Baba pleads with him to stay, but Ali refuses.
What was the cause of all the gunfire and bombing that took place after Amir read Hassan his story?
The king Zahir Shah, was away in Italy. In his absence, his cousin Daoud Khan had ended the King’s forty year reign with a bloodless coup.
What is Assef’s reputation around town?
He is known as the bully everybody does what he says. He has a couple of followers.
Assef says, “Too late for Hitler, but not for us.” What does he mean?
Hitler was defeated, he believes that the land belongs to the Pashtuns just as Hitler believed that the land belonged to the Germans.
What does Hassan do to save both himself and Amir from Assef?
He arms his slingshot and points it at Assef’s face threatening to make him one-eyed.
What does Amir’s father get Hassan for his birthday?
He hires a plastic surgeon to fix Hassan’s cleft lip.
What is every kid’s favorite season in Kabul?
What does it mean to “run” a kite?
When the string is cut they chase after it to catch it when it lands.
Why do people have bloody hands after flying a kite?
Because they use tar glass to make the string and it ends up cutting their hands.
What is the best prize to have during the kite fighting tournament?
To be the last kite flying and to catch the last kite.
Why does Amir want to win the kite tournament so badly?
Because he wants his father to be proud of him.
What happens to Hassan after he has caught the last fallen kite from the tournament?
He is raped by Assef.
Why does Amir compare the look in Hassan’s eyes while Assef is hurting him to the look in the lamb’s eyes before it is killed for food?
Because Hassan and the lamb looked so helpless.
What does Amir do when he sees what is happening to Hassan?
He runs off instead of helping.
What is Karim’s job?
Karim is a guy who smuggles people out of Afghanistan.
To what country do Amir and his father first seek for safety from Afghanistan?
They head to Pakistan for safety.
What country has a presence in Afghanistan as Amir and his father leave?
The Soviet Union.
At the first checkpoint Amir’s father stands up and confronts the
Russian soldiers, putting himself in danger why?
One of the Russian guard eyes a woman in the truck and says the price of passing is half an hour with her. Baba won’t allow it. The Russian threatens to shoot Baba and raises his handgun,.
Where do Amir and his father wait with the others trying to leave Afghanistan as new truck parts are ordered?
For a week they stay in a basement.
Amir listens to his father speak with Kamal’s father. What does he say happened to Kamal?
Four men caught Kamal out, and when he came back to his father he was bleeding down there. Kamal no longer speaks, just stares. Finally Kamal finds a truck to take them to Pakistan. It’s a fuel truck, and the air inside is thick with fumes, making it difficult to breathe.
How do Amir and his father travel on the second leg of their trip to safety?
Kamal finds a truck to take them to Pakistan.
When Amir’s father tries to use a check to purchase food, he is shocked that he is asked for ID. He can’t believe the lack of trust in America. Instead of a credit card, what method did they use in Afghanistan?
They snapped a tree branch.
How does Amir’s father react when he is given food stamps?
He refuses to take them.
What does Amir do that prompts his father to tell him he is proud of his son?
He graduates high school.
Why does Amir’s father buy an old Volkswagen bus?
On Saturday mornings, he and Amir load the van with purchases from garage sales, then on Sundays they set up a booth at the flea market and sell everything for a profit.
What does Amir have a hard time forgetting about after leaving the flea market?
Soraya Taheri.

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