Creon Quotes – Antigone by Sophocles Flashcard Example #35295

‘He must be left unburied.’
-About Polynices, who Creon claims to be a ‘traitor’
-Antigone do it anyway
‘Money! Nothing worse…so corrupting. Money.’
-Repetition reveals his own corruption
-Creon’s harmartia
‘From now on they’ll act like women … no more running loose.’
-Creon about Antigone and Ismene
-Reveals expected behaviour of women during 5th century BC
‘What man would dare?’
-Creon about the illegal burial of Polynices
-Ironic – it was a woman, not a man
-Gender transgression
‘You, you soul of corruption.’
-To his son, Haemon
-Ironic – he is in fact the one corrupted
‘Oh I’ve learned through blood and tears!’
-Peripeteia of character as death of his wife and son
-Finally seen ‘kneeling in prayer’ at realisation that the crown of Thebes is not everything
‘You think I should give in?’
-Peripeteia of character, begins to realise that he should not have condemned Antigone
‘Worthless woman.’
-Tells Haemon is wife-to-be is a ______
-Use expression several time to describe Antigone
‘Pride is a crime.’
-Tiresias about Creon’s harmartia
‘Never let women triumph over us.’
-Creon being sexist
‘Crushing _____

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