Discovering the Life Span Ch. 7.1 Flashcard Example #15262

The natural physical decline brought about by aging is called
the assessment of an event to determine whether its implications are positive, negative or neutral
primary appraisal
medical problems caused by the interaction of psychological emotional, and physical difficulties
Somatic symptom disorders
the official definition of ____ states that it is a condition which limits a major life activity such as walking or vision
Darren is the kind of person who seldom gets stressed, but rather looks forward to new challenges. He can be described as ____
At what point in life do illness and disease become the leading cause of death over accidents?
early adulthood starts around the age of ___
nearly one-third of adults are considered obese today. This figure has almost ____ since the 1960s
in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a young adult should engage in ____ minutes of moderate activity at least 5 days a week
Mariel is a single mom. She holds down a full-time job and every Monday and Thursday night she rushes home from work, feeds her daughter, and rushes out an hour later to her night class at the community college. She knows that if anything is delayed, her whole night will be a disaster. All these factors combine to make Mariel feel ___
Once she turned 40, Natalie realized that she could no longer run up the stairs as quickly as she did when she was a kid, she is experiencing ____
When Kevin realized that his job responsibilities were too much, he asked his boss to reassign him to another position, this situation demonstrates the idea of _____
problem-focused coping
Tyler has ben offered a new job at a company he is very excited to work for. But,Tyler is confined to a wheelchair and the office does not have access for him. What has the U.S government done to try to prevent this type of situation
PPassed the Americans with Disabilities Act
Dina was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer three weeks ago, but when she told her children about it, she trivialized the situation and said it was just the way life goes. Dina is demonstrating the idea of _______.
defensive coping

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