english 12 beowulf study guide Flashcard Example #26623

beowulf slays grendel in order to
save hrothgar && the danes from the monster
beowulf must battle grendel with his bare hands because
grendel has magically made all weapons useless against him
which of the following statements about wiglaf is true
he makes an eloquent speech about the virtues of loyalty && bravery
how does beowulf die
unaided by most of the warriors, beowulf is killed as he && wiglaf fight the dragon
what last thoughts does beowulf express as he is dying
a desire for respect && pride in his ability to protect his people
the most important event in beowulf’s career as leader of the geats is the
attack on the dragon
in beowulf’s fight to the death with grendel’s mother, the piece of his own equipment that saves his life is his
woven mail shirt
beowulf tells wiglaf that he wants his burned-out funeral pyre to be a
reminder to his people of his greatness
which of the following quotations from beowulf does not contain alliteration
“then he addressed each dear companion…”
the archetypal epic hero stands in relation to his or her community as the hero
who saves his or her people from possible disaster
if you wanted to support the idea that beowulf is an epic hero, you might beat note that he
embodies the ideal of Anglo-Saxon society
which of the following quotations from beowulf contains a kenning
“and all at once the greedy she-wolf…”
how can you tell that beowulf is a legendary hero
he is larger than life ;; is remembered in tales from long ago
what does the poet mean in this line from beowulf?
the monster’s / thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws….
the monster thinks very quickly
why does beowulf come to see hrothgar
he wants to help hrothgar by killing grendel
how do you know that beowulf is an honorable man
he refuses to use a sword to fight grendel because grendel has none
what weapon does beowulf use to kill grendel
his hands
to what does the poet give credit for beowulf’s victory over grendel’s mother
god’s judgment
what is the theme of beowulf
good always triumphs in the end
why does wiglaf tell his comrades they should help beowulf fight the dragon
they had promised to help beowulf when he needed them
what does it mean when beowulf gives wiglaf his gold necklace
beowulf is making wiglaf ruler of geatland
how do you know that beowulf is an epic poem
it is a long poem that tells a story about a lengendary hero
what is the best paraphrase for the underlined part of the quotation?
Their courage / Was great but all wasted: they could hack at grendel / From every side, trying to open
attempting to kill him
why does beowulf want a tower built for him
to serve as a landmark for sailors from afar
which word best describes the reason that beowulf hangs grendel’s arm in hrothgar’s mead-hall
in which situation might someone most need solace
the death of a loved one

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