English Final Flashcard Example #52865

What is Pepy’s diary about?
Plague and the Great Fire of London
What is one reason to read Pilgrim’s Progress?
To learn about Christianity
What does the Slough of Despond represent?
Depression and hopelessness
In the king’s declaration 1666 to London, what does Charles propose about businesses with fire?
That they all be located in the same general area
What is an accurate statement about Pepy’s diary and the king’s declaration?
They give readers insight to London in 1666
In Gulliver’s Travels, what two issues does Swift satirize?
Religion and politics
The publication of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress was second only to:
the Bible
enlarging or increasing; going beyond normal bounds
present something completely absurd or out of place in comparison to the surroundings
make fun of techniques used by another author
presents the opposite of normal order
Time Removed was about what?
man who goes back to his home country and is disappointed from the lack of progress
What is the main theme that Arnold discusses in Dover Beach?
the isolation of the individual
What is aesthetic purpose?
appeal from the author to the reader
The idea of Victorian ____ troubled Arnold and Kipling.
The Victorian era was marked by _____ which made people____.
scientific progress; question their faith
The word recessional usually is used to mean:
end of a religious ceremony
What is the main idea of Kipling’s poem Recessional?
British empire too will fall
The theme of a poem can be defined as:
author’s comment on life
Mood within a poem is:
feeling of the poem
Charles Dicken’s writing style is described as:
descriptive and wordy
What does Gradgrind’s name say about him as a character?
he forces his students to work
Wollstonecraft says women are viewed as:
silly and vain
What is social commentary?
a writing or speech that offers insight into society
Novels in the 19th century aimed to:
express concerns about society
In Hard Times, what is Dicken’s view on education all together?
doesn’t allow for creativity or imagination
What assumptions is Bronte making about schools like the one Jane Eyre attends?
they deny children both compassion and respect
In Jane Eyre, why does Bronte describe Lowood as she does?
the discomforts at Lowood stand for all Victorian schools in that time period
Why does Gradgrind refer to Sissy Jupe as Cecilia?
to show that he goes by the facts
What is Gradgrind’s teaching method?
teaching nothing but the facts
How are Jane and Helen different?
Jane wants to fight injustices; Helen accepts them quietly
What assumption does Jane make that a modern student would also make?
one must stand up for oneself against injustice
What is Lowood in Jane Eyre?
boarding school
In On Making an Agreeable Marriage, Austen tells Fanny Knight not to marry Mr. J.P. without what?
not without affection
Austen wants equality for which groups? (like Dickens)
rich and poor
Romantic poets believe in the use of what?
concise and simple language
Imagination according to the Romantics:
only force comparable to nature; allows people to go beyond limits
Prior to Wordsworth, mountains were seen as:
blemishes on the earth
Assonance is defined as:
the repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyme
Mary Shelley warns people about the dangers of?
In the SNL skit in the book:
villagers confuse both monsters; villainizing people without question
Function of Gothic literature:
to take reader from reasoned order into the dark world of the supernatural
Mary Shelley’s text makes one thing clear in Frankenstein:
fear of letting go, pain in holding on; should not exceed limits of nature
Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as:
cautionary tale
Frankenstein addresses fear of:
man’s obsession with taking over
Dr. Frankenstein acts out of the greatest Romantic fear of:
going beyond limits
The story Frankenstein is about:
fear itself
How can society be considered the monster?
society isolates people who are different
Wordsworth’s main subject in the World is Too Much With Us is:
world’s destruction of nature
Mary Shelley saw Frankenstein as a product of:
What is reversal and how is it used in Guillver’s Travels?
putting things in the wrong order; the little Endians take down Gulliver (usually smaller people cannot overtake a larger person)
A Modest Proposal comments on what in Ireland?
population and hunger
deceptively attractive
courage or strength to endure
nice, kind
What does To an Athlete Dying Young mean?
Dying young to be remembered in your prime so you aren’t easily forgotten
When I Was One and Twenty:
speaker given advice not to fall in love too early
Modernists believed in art?
for art’s sake
Modernist period felt?
feeling of loss after war
Importance of the Gyres to WB Yeats
When one rises, other falls; complete opposite, need each other to be in existence; subjectivity vs. objectivity
What is the only restorative force according to the Modernists?
Woman’s suffrage:
women’s right to vote
lack vitality or grow weak
relating to the spring
abundant wealth
having no emotion
freedom from false information
at a slant
barren, lacking
meetings or appointments
logical appeal
based on sound reason
emotional appeal
addresses a reader’s feelings
ethical appeal
appeal to authority; establishes credibility
metaphor using like or as
giving human qualities to inanimate objects

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