English – Jane Eyre essay plans Flashcard Example #49853

Rochester – context
Byronic Hero – excitingly romantic, dark, brooding
High social + economic status
Gothic fiction – he conforms to characteristics in g fiction (b.hero)
Rochester – essay intro
Bronte presents Rochester as an archetypal byronic hero, with strong morals and conforming to the contemporary expectations held by society.
Rochester – essay plan
relate extract to context

Byronic hero – gothic element, his characteristics. b.hero often features in gothic fiction – romance + darkness

Morality – raises Adele. Looks after Bertha = good and bad – tries to remarry = immoral
Victorian reader = villain – religion was very important
modern reader = more sympathetic – marriage was arranged – does his best – doesn’t love Bertha

His change physically and emotionally – goes blind, thinks he is superior to Jane in beginning, then realises her itelligence and personality are more important. become equal


Rochester – quotes
“a dark face with stern features and a heavy brow” “raven hair” ” his roughness of the traveler set me at my ease”- J about R = b.hero
“Miss Eyre” – she works for him. he is superior
“my equal is here, my likeness” – now equal
“a bride already courted for me” – contrasting opinions of modern and Victorian readers.
“his presence in the room was more cheering than the brightest fire” – equal. love. fire imagery
Jane – context
Female independence – Jane conflict to contemporary expectations of women
Jane’s’ similarity to Bronte – governess
social inferiority to Rochester
Jane – essay intro
Bronte presents Jane with strong morals, independence and passion, and as a conflict to the contemporary expectations of women, perhaps portraying her own views towards issues of the time.
Jane – essay plan
relate extract to context

Jane’s independence + conflict to contemporary views – travels alone between all destination. doesn’t rely on others. more comfortable when she can fend for herself, has money, doesn’t need others

morals – won’t go as a missionary’s wife to India. Rochester marriage to Bertha – disagrees, wont marry him. her unfair treatment at Gateshead – leaves to Lowood.

passion – values passion over reason

conclusion – include structure

Jane – quotes
“i am not bird and no net ensnares me” – independence, freedom
“do you think i am an automaton with no feelings?”
“gingham” “silk” – differences in statuses
“women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women feel just as men do” – passion
“i know what it is like to live entirely for and with what you love best on earth” – passion
“i am torn away and cannot return”
Bertha Mason – context
mixed race/creole – more racist during Vic. era
supernatural – gothic
psychiatric illness
Bertha Mason – essay intro
Bronte uses the character of Bertha Mason to develop the gothic horror throughout the novel by presenting her with animalistic traits, creating a supernatural atmosphere. The fact that she is a creole woman, combined with her psychiatric illness leaves her subject to prejudice and inferiority.
Bertha Mason – essay plan
relate extract to context

Supernatural + gothic – demon, laughter, haunting, danger, threat, possessed

Animalistic traits – gender neutral “it” etc. prejudice, racism + illness “it” – dehumanised

Bertha’s violence + unpredictability – lit fire to kill Rochester etc.

conclusion – helps to convey gothic horror

Bertha Mason – quotes
“unnatural sound”
“demoniac laugh” “goblin-laughter”
“possessed with the devil”
“something gurgled and moaned”
“it snatched and growled like some strange wild animal”
“the lunatic sprang”
“despair added, farewell forever”
Love – context
inequality – men had authority over women
social + economic status – great importance during Elizabethan era. R = higher status than J
Love – essay intro
Throughout Jane Eyre, love is perceived as a conflict between passion, and convenience and duty.
Love – essay plan
relate extract to context
compare relationships between Jane and R and Blanche Ingram and R
compare relationships between St. John and Jane and St. John and Rosamund Oliver
conclude outcomes – which is seen as more important in the end? passion or convenience? Rochester = passion. St. John = convenience.
Love – quotes
“my equal is here and my likeness” – R values J’s intelligence + personality over status. “my” possessive pronoun – admits his love for her. passion
“in the shape of Miss Ingram; a noble and beautiful woman – your bride” – name, Blanche, connotations to white, plain, pure. views of time, R should marry of the same status = duty not passion
“enough of love will follow” – St. John values duty over passion. dedicated to religion, no time for passion. contrasts to Jane
St. John love Rosamund “wildly” and with “intensity”, but feels she would “not make a good wife” and she is not the partner suited to him”. – marriage mainly decided by man, chooses duty over passion.
Religion – context
Christianity was prominent during the Vic. era
religion had strong influence on peoples morals and way of life
Religion – essay intro
Religion is presented in Jane Eyre as either a means of moral guidance or harsh regime through the portrayal of different character who are influenced by religion in different ways.
Religion – essay plan
Relate extract to context
Moral guidance – Helen Burns = angelic, innocent, full faith in religion, the ideal Christian.
Harsh regime – Mr. Brocklehurst = punishes Lowood girls, uses religion as excuse. go to hell for their sins. Ironic as his daughters do what Lowood girls are punished for
Dedication – St. John = puts religion before everything else. dies as a missionary.
Religion – quotes
“love your enemies; bless them that curse you” – H.B
“universal parent” “i rely implicitly on his power” – H.B, relies on religion, influences Jane.
“not to accustom them to habits of luxury and indulgence” Mr. B “graceful headdress” “elaborately curled” – his daughters. IRONIC, double standards
“should you like to fall into that pit and be burning there forever?” – scares children into being religious by making them fearful of hell and sinning. condescending language.
“i claim you – not for my pleasure, but for my sovereign service” – St. J. passion + pleasure = irrelevant. only his duty to religion matters.
Supernatural – context
Gothic genre
Expectations on women – Bertha represents Jan’es hidden emotion – trapped and locked away.
Supernatural – essay intro
Bronte uses elements of supernatural imagery instead of real supernatural events to create a mood and tone of gothic horror whilst still maintaining social realism throughout.
Supernatural – essay plan
relate extract to context
supernatural events that occur are always explained – e.g. Bertha, or decided not real
Bertha is a representation of what Jane is forced to hide.
conclusion – supernatural creates gothic horror whilst also giving critical undertones.
Supernatural – quotes
“it glided up to the ceiling and quivered over my head was, in all likelihood, a gleam from a lantern”
“laugh was repeated in it’s low, syllabic tone” “it snatched and growled like some change wild animal” – Bertha
“forced to keep the fire of my nature continually low” – J must keep passion hidden
Independence – context
women’s independence – controlled by men, must marry of equal status, must marry in order to succeed
Jane does not conform to these expectations
Independence – essay plan
relate extract to context
Jane’s independence at Gateshead/Lowood = minimal
Jane’s independence at Thonfield = gain some independence
Jane’s independence at Moorhouse/Ferndean = more independence. got inheritance, so more money
conclusion – her increasing independence throughout, is happier when financially independent
Independence – essay intro
Independence is presented in Jane Eyre through Jane’s continual struggle to find her ideal balance of independence and love.
Independence – quotes
“you have no business to take out books; you are dependent”
“i will never call you aunt again as long as i live”
“i am no bird and no net ensnares me”
“the more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained i am, the more i will respect myself
“forced to keep the fire of my nature continually low…would be unendurable”
“i am ready to go to India, if i may go free”
“twenty thousand pounds!”

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