English: The Scarlet Letter Flashcard Example #17542

Scarlet letter A and papers of the story of Hester Prynne
What does narrator discover?
Burning heat
What did the narrator feel when he held the scarlet letter?
Write the story of Hester Prynne
What does the narrator decide to do after discovering the scarlet letter?
It sets the story
What is the purpose for the Custom House section?
For Hester’s trial
Why have the townspeople gathered in the market place at the beginning?
Sin and death are unavoidable
What conclusion can you draw from the fact that every new colony must provide a prison and cemetery at once?
Puts a finger to his lips
What does the stranger at Hester’s trial do when she recognizes him?
Super strict about religion
What attitude about the Bible do we learn about in Puritan society?
He offers them medicine
What gesture does Chillingworth make towards Hester and Pearl when they are in jail?
He wronged her by making her marry him
Why does Chillingworth say that he seeks no vengeance against Hester?
As her only treasure
How does Hester view Pearl in chapter six?
Passionate and wild with a defiant mood
What are some of Pearl’s characteristics?
Because it is the opposite
Why is the bond-servant thinking Hester is a great lady because of her pretty A ironic?
What did Pearl see at the Governor’s Hall that caught her attention?
It was familiar
Why did Pearl want the rosebush at the Governor’s Hall?
Makes reference to selling everything for a pearl
Why did Hester name her daughter Pearl?
If Pearl should be taken from Hester
What are the gentlemen deciding at the Governor’s Hall?
Hester would deal with the devil if Pearl wasn’t with her
What is the meaning of Mistress Hibbins’ comment when Hester is leaving the Governor’s Hall?
He is a doctor that is hurting somebody
Why is using leech to describe Chillingworth ironic?
He is a coward
What does the second scaffold scene say about Dimmesdale?
They did not have a happy marriage
What memory does Hester have about Chillingworth?
Hester and her surrounding’s mood
What does the chilly gloom symbolize?
Privacy and acceptance
What does the forest itself symbolize?
She has and he has
How does Hester respond when Pearl asks if Hester’s met the black man and if he gave her the scarlet letter?
She is unsure and almost afraid of him
What effect does Dimmesdale have on Pearl when she sees him after her mother calls for her?
She does not trust him
Why does Pearl wash her forehead after Dimmesdale kisses her?
He does not care for her anymore
What does Hester think when Dimmesdale passes her in the procession at mass?
She wants to go and talk to him
How does Pearl react when she sees the minister at mass?
They can share their penance together in death
What is the symbolism of the slate tomb stone which serves Hester and Dimmesdale’s graves that has a letter A on it?

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