English Vocab Macbeth Flashcard Example #95481

Synonym: to wave something in a threatening way

Definition: to wave something about, especially a weapon, in a menacing, theatrical, or triumphant way

Direct Definition: BJ brandished his sword, or waved his sword in a threatening way, to make his opponents frightened.

Synonym: a dangerous situation

Definition: a difficult and dangerous situation, especially a sad or desperate predicament.

Contrast: Unlike the difficult plight Hobby was in, Gabe wasn’t in any bad situation.

Synonym: a slavish follower

Definition: a servile or slavish follower of somebody generally regarded as important.

Example: the rich man had a minion, a slavish follower or servile that does anything the rich man wants him/her to do.

Synonym: to give

Definition: given or produced in abundance or to excess; to give or spend something generously or to excess.

Direct Definition: The woman lavished, or gave, clothes to the people that don’t have much clothes.

Synonym: foreshadow

Definition: Somebody or something that foreshadows or anticipates a future event.

Contrast: Unlike the other words in Macbeth, the words: blood, hand, night and sleep foreshadow something that is going to happen later in the book

Synonym: fascinated

Definition: involved in, fascinated by, or concentrating on something to the exclusion of everything else.

Example: He was very rapt by the math problem; he was so fascinated by the math problem that he was concentrating very hard and not paying attention to anything else.

Synonym: a letter

Definition: a letter or other written communication, often formal or legal communication.

Direct Definition: I sent a missive, or a letter, to my friends in Louisiana.

relating to the philosophical study of nature of being and beings or a philosophical system resulting from such study

Good and evil are metaphysically linked through space and time.

to win and hold somebody’s attention, interest, or devotion; to mislead or deceive somebody

Her laughter was beguiling because I knew she was sad.

the ruler or permanent head of a state, especially a king or queen; self-governing and not ruled by any other state; having supreme authority or power

The 4th of July marks the anniversary of our country’s sovereignty

to add to something in order to make it larger or more substantial, or to grow in this way
to speak vaguely or ambiguously, especially in order to mislead
grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred
an unhappy and worried mental state
an attempt to persuade someone to do something

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