Examples of Irony in the Crucible Flashcard Example #41671

Dramatic Irony: Elizabeth denies that her husband committed adultery to try to protect him but she doesn’t know that he already confessed to it. Then she is taken away because she lied in court and John tells her he had already confessed as she is being taken out.
Situational Irony: John is unable to name adultery when Hale asks him to recite the 10 commandments. This is ironic because he had an affair with Abigail.
Verbal/Situational Irony: This is ironic because the Puritans believed lying separates a person from God, however the accused had to lie and confess to witchcraft in order to live. If they told the truth they were not believed and were sentenced to death.
Dramatic Irony: We know that Abigail has been lying the whole time and convincing others to believe her. Judge Danforth does not know she has been lying.
Verbay Irony: Abigail claims she is doing God’s work but she is not because she has been lying the whole time.

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