Fahrenheit 451 Answers/Citations/Quotes Flashcard Example #68470

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MLA citation
Bradbury, Ray. 1920-2012 Fahrenheit 451. Newyork,NY:Simon and Schuster 1967
APA citation
Bradbury, Ray. 1920-2012. (1967) Fahrenheit 451. New York: Simon and Schuster
CSE citation
Bradbury, Ray 1920-2012. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1967
Misc info.
Author: Ray Bradbury, Page numbers: 158 (60th anniversary edition),
About the author
Ray Bradbury –
1: “the Hearth of the Salamander”-Pgs: 1-67, 2: “The Sieve and the Sand”-Pgs:67-107 the Sand” 3: “Burning bright”-Pgs:107-158
Important terms
Kerosene- Kerosene is the liquid used by the “Salamanders”,
Salamanders- Salamanders are the people in-charge with burning books,
Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature in Fahrenheit at which paper burns
Guy Montag,
Captain Beatty,
Mildred Montag,
Clarisse McClellan,
Faber( Mr./Professor)
Guy Montag
Main character of the story
Captain Beatty
The chief of the fire department, knows a bit about books and philosophy but despises them
Mildred Montag
Mildred is the wife of Guy, during the first chapter she had overdosed on sleeping pills where men had to be brought in to drain her blood and stomach,
Clarisse McClellan
Clarisse McClellan is the new neighbor of guy montag, She is optimistic and friendly , 17 years old slender and milk white face
Met Montag on the subway and helped in his escape by providing montag with clothes that have his scent in order to escape the mechanical hound
1:”Fahrenheit 451″ is set in a dystopian future where books are seen as malicious and harmful to the civilization we can see the lengths of censorship taken by the government in order to stop books when the salamanders come and burn houses that contain the illegal material along with arresting the owners.


Pgs. 1-5
Summary: Guy montag gets done from burning books and we get an idea of how the salamander gear looks: Black beetle colored helmet with the numbers 451 on the front, a phoenix disc on the chest and a salamander on the arm. it’s a warm-cool autumn night. We meet Clarisse McClellan who is interested in the world she says that many people are afraid of the fireman to montag’s surprise. but she is not afraid. montag gets asked how long he’s worked as a fireman and he says 10 years since he was 20 and clarisse then ask if he reads any books he burns where he laughs and says that it’s against the law.

“the autumn leaves blew over the moonlit pavement in such a way to as to make the girl who was moving there seem fixed to a sliding sidewalk” (3).
“He strode in a swarm of fireflies. he wanted above of all,like the old joke, to shove a marshmallow on a stick in the furnace, while the flapping pigeon-winged books died on the porch and lawn of the house”(1-2).

Pgs. 6-10
Guy montag clarisse the motto of the salamanders which is “

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